What order do you inspect in?

What is the order that you inspect in for your inspections? Do you start on the exterior and roof and then move inside or what?

Depends on the weather and who is present. Sometimes I do the exterior first.

Check under kitchen sink and start dishwasher
Interior (some exterior done from interior by looking out windows)
Garage and basement if present
Exterior and roof
Then recheck anything needed like ceiling stains/leaks from upper level bath inspections
Check everything off, locked and not leaking.

Watch the clients that lock the house while you are in the crawlspace with no key left on site. Some think you are done in there and just want to get back to work.

My start depends on time of day and weather conditions. If it’s late in the day I like to do the exterior first starting right at the end of the driveway, walking up to the front door and going around the house in either direction. After that I do the roof and enter the garage if applicable. If it’s raining I do the full interior first hoping the rain will let up which more often than not it does.

When the garage is complete I go into the kitchen and turn on the dishwasher immediately followed by adjusting the thermostat one way or the other depending on outdoor temperature. My interior inspection starts in the kitchen followed by the upstairs if applicable and the basement if there is one. If the home is on a crawl I always save that for last right after the attic inspection. After getting out of an attic or crawlspace I’m more than ready to go.

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