What qualifies as a Inspection?

In my years as a Inspector I have seen companies come and go. I am wondering how many started out as just Hi’s, Contractors, Building Inspectors or just took 2 week courses to become licensed. It seems lately that we are getting less work to those that are bottom feeders.
Is this a problem in other areas?

I don’t know about most inspectors, but most InterNACHI members come the construction trades. Not all, but most.

I started out as a no body. The bottom feeders as you state was me when I started out. (low balling)(1st 2 years)
I am established now and can charge accordingly. (last 8 years)

many newbies are aggressive, marketing, doing whatever it takes.
many established inspectors get complacent.

I try to learn something every day and lately I have been marketing the master inspector designation as not to many around here have this qualification.

Get the phone to ring, reel them in and give them more than they expect!!

I agree David. as a newbie you need inspections under your belt. I would have done them for free starting out and a couple times I think I may have with drive time a gas.

Is the question what qualifies as an Inspection or who qualifies as an Inspector?

As a licensing state the licensure board defines what a home inspection is and what it takes to become a home inspector.

Just stay at the Holiday INN you be fine

If you are getting less work because of a bottom feeder, then you suck :slight_smile:

Are you saying, being a CMI and all, you can’t compete with bottom feeders?

I see the US has the same problem. No money for the 1000 dollar Inspections.

I raise my prices about every 6 months.

After speaking with me and visiting my website, my clients are happy to “pay a little more to receive a little more”.

Let the bottom feeders bottom feed. They get the worst agents and the worst houses to inspect anyway.

I can’t argue with that Micheal.