What say you?

Saw this roof today above a “finished” porch. look funny to you?

Not from the picture .
What do you think is wrong?

Brad, go take a look at this thread. Those could be ‘single tabs’, 'jets", ‘canadian metrics’, etc.

Are you referring to the streaking? Try this www.z-strip.com

I was referring to the shingle tabs. They are regular tabs, only 1/2 is exposed.

Other than adding more weight to the roof structure I don’t see a problem as long as the have sealed down to the underlying shingle…

Reducing the exposure should notcause problems unless, as Mike pointed out, it added too much weight.

…or unless it left too much of the tab extending out past the self-sealing adhesive strip, which might give the wind more purchase on the shingle and reduce its wind resistance.

Manufacturers specify an exposure for each model of shingle, but I haven’t run into any mention of potential problems from undersized exposures.