Todays Roofing

Fellow Inspectors,

Found this installation today. Comments welcome.






What defect are you seeing?

If it’s the blackened areas…they are suppose to be exposed. That’s the way they manufacture them.

I don’t see your concern, Anatol…5" exposure is typical locally.

What do you see?

What would cause surface cracking like this?

Picture 018.jpg

The top of the tab cut are exposed on many of the shingles. The attachment size for picture is limited to 100kb so I had to reduce it. The adhesion strip should be fully covered by the next shingle. Exposure was over 5 inches.


I think I see what your trying to point out…

Try cropping the photo in tighter to the tape and then reduce it as needed. I think that will show what you are looking at better.

I think what your trying to point out is hat the installer cheated the rows by a 1/4" to 1/2" each row. (The dark shadowing would be smaller, but would still be showing.)


Your pictures do not show any adhesion strip.

Roofing exposure of 5" to 5 1/4" is normal.

This roofing is and looks like it was meant to be.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Most likely a defective shingle.


They pass them all the time like that down here. The only time it may come into play is if someone tries to make a claim against the manufacturer, and then they will claim they are not installed to manufacturer specs. I would mention it, but nothing will ever be done about it. IF you are going to mention it, you should also include the installation instructions with your report.

Roof is a Certain Teed Horizon Shangle.

Cracking that you are seeing is typical of the known deficiencies of this product. Product has recently been the topic of Class Action Lawsuits filed in many States.

Thanks Joe.

here are some bigger pics at photobucket:

How about the crack just above the tape?

The damaged shingles were mentioned in the report. As well as several leaks.


As I stated previously,

Here’s a link, where you can see a typical installation of these type of shingles.