What shape is this roof?

I know we can call it non-hip but I am looking for other terms… maybe fancy Victorian style gable? Or unnecessary curves overhanging?

Inspections 013.JPG

I would call it “Ugly”. There are 3 gable ends just in the front.

architecturally that’s a
The exterior face of a building which is
the architectural front, sometimes distinguished
from the other faces by elaboration of
architectural or ornamental details.

the roof behind could be whatever was speced usually low-slope or gable

in FL it’s probably something completely different ;~))

Just looks like a combination hip and gable. The decor is certainly different than what we have up north but the general idea is the same.


From the pic supplied I would verify the gabled facade is open to the roof area behind or NOT! If not I would call it a hip with gable Facade attached but separate roof cavity.

Why not a hip roof.

Any other additions that are permanent roofed enclosures name their style and covering.

Main structure roof style is a 4/12 hip roof with asphalt dimensional shingles.
The front entryway is a 5/12 Gable roof with asphalt dimensional shingles.

Primary roof shape is Hip, but there are non-hip (gable) features that would be considered in a WM inspection and therefore be labled as a “Other”.

Looks like flat concrete tile to me for roof cover. (with missing tiles)

You could always measure. The 10% rule. But from looking at it seems like it takes up alot of space. So much for the safety of a hip roof and ugly too.

Should have been a little more clear, I wasn’t looking for accurate or professional answers as the wind mitigation is already complete. Was just posting the picture because its a goofy shape I wanted to show you guys and was looking for goofball answers to its design style.

I would call it GAY.:slight_smile:

Greater than 10% ridiculous.

Without seeing the structure portion behind the facade I would presume a low slope gable. Whether a gable type or flat you would figure as non hip and if you want to label it you could say “gable roof with ornate spanish facade”.

Arabian a frame…

**Call it “Gone” in a wind. **