What software automatically places photos next to the narrative they support?

Nice not to have to import them into the software and place them next to the correct comment one by one. Which inspection software allows you to select a narrative and then take the supporting photo… and then move on!

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ReportHost lets you do it either and both ways.

You can take the picture directly into the concern, upload pictures and assign them later, or mix the two if you have more than one source for pictures (mobile device + camera + drone + IR + stock pictures/diagrams…)

HomeGauge Companion

Spectora does this.

Depends what you mean by automatically… As far as I know, none of them do.

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HomeGauge and Spectora

…select a narrative, take the supporting photo… and then move on!

3D does, been doing it that way for years.

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I use Horizon. It would go as follows.
Section: Interior:
Major floor finishes. - Ceramic. - Narrative: Ceramic tile landings.

Cracked tile set and grout between last course of tiles. Location: Top stairway landing above the steel staircase frame.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.
Then I copy an image from my photo file of that home or building. In this case, apartment building. The image loads and you place a narrative, arrows or circles on the defect, Click save and the image lines up with your narrative and reporting position.

…and Spectacular and Tap Inspect.

Yes I really liked Tap inspect but they don’t have a cost estimate area, does me no good without that.

Create one in the software.

I know Inspector Nexus and Home Inspector Tech both do this as well.

Speaking of InspectorNexus, I hope Jeff Pope is doing okay with all the wild fires out there.

Wow, maybe should have asked if there are any that don’t! Haven’t heard about HIP yet but I’m betting their mobile app does.

We’ve got a pretty good share of our own. Right now the entire sky is dark brown except for this sliver where the sun is going down over the mountains.

Ashes on the cars in the mornings. 450,000 square miles of national forest closed (during peak hunting season). Thousand evacuated. One near here 9,500 acres.

Beautiful, Kenton!

The vista was incredibly beautiful! This photo doesn’t do it justice. In the lower left of that photo you can see the smoke from a new, separate fire just beginning to accelerate.

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