Best software

Ladies and Gents:

I have been using C&D Horizon report software for a while. I want to start doing reports on site so I’m looking for another package.

I would like it to include systems ie: exterior, roof electrical, plumbing etc but also have rooms like kitchen and bath, duplicable, for more than one bathroom etc. I’m not to fond of check boxes. I prefer a narrative format.

It appears the XL package does what I want
Any comments?


Doug Cossar

Currently using XLPro 2005 for reporting. Clients seemed to like its format and breakdown of areas. Got a deal on it from best inspectors on e-bay.

You guys are not using the Best Inspection software out there… You should check out INSPECTVUE by PorterValley sofware. See my thread under SOFTWARE MESSAGE BOARD. As an authorized dealer I can save you $100 on the software.

Check it out!