What to charge for these roof inspections?

Okay, you get a call from an official at a 40 unit condo complex–they want 35 of their 40 roofs inspected. What and how do you charge them?

I think the charges depends upon the shape and size of the respective roofs as it may vary from the smaller ones to the bigger roofs. Since there are so much work I think the charges will be too high as to the minimum limit of the 100$.

Depends on what they are looking for and why they want the inspections. Normally I would charge $90.00 to $1000.00 per roof. After hurricane Wilma I worked with an engineer down here and he paid me $50.00 per hour. It took anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour per roof, but all I was doing was documenting loose tiles.

You are obviously not qualified to to the work if you have to ask!:p:roll::roll::roll:



What type of roofing system is it?
How big is it?
Is material or core sampling required?
Is any equipment required?
What type of access is available?
Do they want a representative report or a detailed report of each roof/system?

Jeff - I inspected 27 roofs of a condo association. We charged $500 a roof. But we walked every single roof (3 Stories needed a ladder) and went into every single attic (the ones we could access about 95% of the unit) and documented every single leak.

It was flat concrete tile, at a pitch of about 7/12 and each roof was approximately 10,000 SF and we accessed about a total of 100 attics.

Took my company 2 days to do and we write the report as we go along, so there is no real report writing time. With that said I used a total 4 guys on this project.

I was bidding on the job and the way I got it, was not only did I provide a bid proposal, I sent them a sample of the information they would be getting and sat with members of the board to get a handle on what they were actually looking for and explained to them that the money they were paying me would protect them when it came to repair bids.

After I did this, I then went in and read all the repair bids and gave my opinion on them. Here the people on the condo boards finally realize hiring CHEAP isn’t the best way go. They want VALUE for their money.

My bid even included time for vacuuming the debris when the attic hatches were opened and it said that I WANT to access every attic for a complete and professional analysis. Other bids wanted to access only a certain percentage.

The best advice is to sit and find what they ACTUALLY are looking for, so you can exceed their expectations. And provide a sample of the work they will receive. Remember they are not hiring you, for a quick look. I would assume they want you to be the PROFESSIONAL opinion, so be that professional opinion.

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Multiply time estimate by how much per hour you wish to make.

The last Condo complex we inspected the roof was recently installed, there were many many mistakes made by the roofing company.

The HOA wanted us to inspect the roof before providing the contractor with his final payment.

Originally I told the HOA we would charge about $200 per unit walking each roof only, but I would come up with an exact figure after we inspect the first building.

After the first building I called the man in charge of the HOA and ask him to please come to building A. He did, I showed him about 50 major mistakes on just this one (building) roof.

I explained the job was performed unprofessionally and since it will take twice as long to inspect the roofs we have to charge almost double our original fee.

This language was in our proposal they signed: “If we find numerous deficiencies on the buildings are fees are adjusted accordingly, they will be adjusted after the committee reviews the pictures we take of Building A roof”.

The next day the HOA called asking me to bring another proposal to sign and keep up the good work, we really appreciate it. The contractor was there for another month making repairs to their new installation of shingles, tiles and SPF.

We ended up making good money, the contractor threatened to kill me, but the HOA was thrilled, and I’m still alive.

Now we inspect all the roofs and exteriors annually at a discounted fee.

We have six annual HOA associations we inspect the exteriors and roofs annually now, there is really good money involved for much less work after the initial inspection.

Good luck with your endeavors and pricing.

I think the changeability of the various roof inspections depends upon the services provided by the company and on the size of the house as well.

As Dale most graciously noted, $200.00 would be far market price for a flat roofing system. In a majority of the cases the HOA will be happy you did the report.

Also add a maintenance check-list and offer by annual reviews.