What to do in order to become a New York State Inspector

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I am seriously thinking of making a career change and becoming a home inspector. I would like to know where I could go in the Tri-state area for any courses or certifications. I would like to here from those who could give me some pointers on what path I should take to make the career change.



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Hi Tonny,

I am not from NY but I can maybe give some input.

What is your background?
I recommend AHITI, excellent program

Gerry B, is the education man and he has a thread on legislation
which might be helpful in the licencing dept.



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NIBI in Booton NY.

At the present time, the Assembly has passed HI legislation, and a vote is waiting in the semate. If it passes, then there will be 100 hours of classroom training needed, along with 40 hours OTJ as a part of the school.

No one's training has been approved at this point, as no law is in effect yet.

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Many think it’s a simple career to get into, but it’s really not and carries a lot of liability. You will most definitely need training, as ya need to know at least the basics about a lot of areas … and ya need a keen eye. If ya don’t have a solid background in residential construction, get extra training (all the training you can) and look for someone you can work under for a while too.

In addition to the HI training schools, look to see if local colleges have continuing education programs in Home Inspection. I teach courses for LIU in the Home Inspection program (96 hours, with on-site training), and I am sure there are others that have similar programs.

As Joe said, look for one that has about 100 hours of classroom instruction, including about 40 hours of on-site/hands-on training. It looks like NY will have HI licensing in the very near future, with similar requirements.

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