What to do with this

Pay attention:

Doesn’t the green sticker mean it’s a replacement for the recalled ones?

Consumer should call Schneider Electric toll-free at (877) 202-9046 between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or log on to the company’s Website at www.us.squared.com

Possible recall.



I hadn’t seen one in a while.

Looks like a whole complex of town homes built in 2005 are full of them.

CSPC recall notice HERE

What is the date code on th breakers Michael?

From the recall notice:

The recalled units were manufactured after March 1, 2004, and have a blue test button. The AFCI circuit breakers have one of the following date codes – CN, DN, EN, FN, GN, HN, or JN – stamped in red on the breaker label located just above the wiring terminal. The recalled units also have one of the following catalog numbers printed on a label on the front of the breaker: QO115AFI, QO115AFIC, QO120AFI, QO120AFIC, QOB115AFI, QOB120AFI, HOM115AFI, HOM115AFIC, HOM120AFI, HOM120AFIC, QO115VHAFI, QO120VHAFI, QOB115VHAFI, or QOB120VHAFI.

I could not find the code date on these and it doesn’t show in any of my pics.

Date code KN is OK according to the Sneider rep I spoke with.
He also said you can’t always see it with the wire in place.