What tools have you lost at an inspection?

I would be interested in starting a poll but do not really know how to make one…

Last week I lost my second pair of binoculars in about 4 years. I sat them on the tailgate of my truck (tailgate stays open to carry my extension ladder) after looking at the exterior/roof of the home. Normally I put them right back in the cab but got chatting with a customer. Well a funny thing, I was heading to another inspection about 40 miles away, got off the Interstate, turned the corner and saw something small and black hit the road followed by a semi-truck running them over. That very second it dawned on me that I left them on the tailgate. The second inspection was only about a mile from the off ramp.

I have not lost many tools other than the binoculars, 1 flashlight, a couple of GFCI testers and that’s about it.

I bet the most common tool left behind or lost is the GFCI receptacle tester…


Lost an infrared thermometer once. Showed up in the mail a week later. Called the seller and thanked them very much for their honesty and gave them $50.00 off their home inspection when they found a new place. Got the job and my thermometer back.

100 GFCI testers, 200 oven thermometers, one battery screw driver, one amp meter (Stolen) I buy screw drivers by the case:shock: :frowning:

I left my camera on the rear bumper a couple of years ago…
A couple of years before that I was climbing into an attic, and lost the grip on my Streamlight flashlight (about 120 bucks) and it fell between two walls all the way to floor level. :frowning:
I could see it shining down there, but there was no way I could reach it. Somebody is going to find it someday when they tear the wall out. :slight_smile:

I left my new “Talking Screwdriver” at an inspection today—on purpose—:smiley:

Ok Dale you must tell more about your ‘‘talking flashlight’’ and what else was it suppose to do?

That must had made you very upset Joseph. Was the light still on!

Hey Ray—nobody is getting my “Talking Flashlight”…not over my dead body—:D…and I’m not telling what else it does----:smiley:

I had it with the screwdriver talking back to me (arguing)----:twisted:

Me and Larson swiped a couple for ourselves (talking flashlights & screwdrivers) from Shipping & Receiving before we started shipping the “How too count too 10” books for a couple hundred folks in dire need-----:D—:smiley:

I am getting sick of losing my three light testers .and may start carrying them on a neck chain.
(metal of course)

I wear a safari vest to hold tools, but things still fall out in the crawlspace!

A long time ago, I started doing inventory before I left the house (or locked it up). This step is as important in my “sequence of inspection” as anything else (even picking up the clients check)! :wink:

I have lost a lot of things, but found most of them!

So far I have been lucky and lost only an infrared thermometer in an attic. Fell out of my pocket and couldn’t find it anywhere. Drat that blown-in insulation. Now that I’ve said that, I will probably begin to loose more stuff.

Originally Posted by rthoroman
Ok Dale you must tell more about your ‘‘talking flashlight’’ and what else was it suppose to do?

Hi Dale!
I know the feeling except… my :|.) “Talking Tape measure”:|.) is the one that is giving me fits!

I said to heck with it and left it on the last job along with the Free Hummer.

Yep, it was still on. I could see the light shining down there, but…

Where’s Reed Richards (AKA Mr. Fantastic) when you need him? :smiley:

4 ft.level went back to get it and it was gone

I left one of my tool bags on my tail gate and drove off. I was down the road a good ways when this guy pulled up at red light and said my tail gate was down. I knew right then what I had lost. I went back and I could not find it anywhere. I was alone at the home I just inspected (vacant) and I was sitting in the driveway wondering what to do feeling like a fool. A car pulled up an a real estate agent who was showing property around the corner ask if I was looking for this and pulled out my bag. Wow what a guy, he got a free inspection and I have been working with him for 4 years now.:slight_smile:

My mind!

:shock: ](*,) :vomit:

flashlights, don’t bother with power screw drivers any more, circuit testers, had my bag ripped off once. I like the idea of an inventory sheet, now where did I put it?

How bought the magnetic signs on my truck while I was inside. Now that PXXxxd me off.

Flashlights. Extension cord used during mold testing.

I dropped my camera deep in an attic one time. I found it, but it took me a long while.

Just lost a sonophone yesterday