What type of plumbing system is this ?

House was built in 2006 in Southern Calif.



Looks like Pex

I agree pex…

manabloc distribution manifold with pex pipe

…for in-the-floor heating. :mrgreen: It’s a heating system.

John Kogel



not necessarily, we have them here (Texas) just for standard distribution, no radiant heat present, and the red is hot, blue is cold supply :wink:

No. It is the water distribution system. Nothing to do with a radiant heating system. Barry is correct.

Post 6 was to show post 5 that post 1 is NOT in-floor heating, or any type of heating.

Only wanting to clarify.

Word on the street is that one of the larger tract home builders in the metroplex (Barry, think F&J) quit using the manablocs and is using the Pex by itself.

Apparently they install enough of them that leaks were common.


at under $50 sq ft they have more problems than just a few leaks
i try to avoid them cuz the reports are so long :frowning:

thanks everybody

Inspected a 2 year old log cabin that had this exact same manifold last year. Client insisted on testing the operation of the plastic key valves himself and got the owner’s blessing. If I had a PEX system installed in my house, I wouldn’t let the plumber install this one …

I never see pex in this neck of the woods.
Is the manifold problem all at those individual connections ?

The valves operated very stiffly. It was nerve-wrecking watching the client trying to force them closed. I thought for sure he was going to snap one of them.

I’ve never been a fan of plastic plumbing valves, anyways. :wink:

To bad ,as it sure looks pretty.
Reminds me of a breaker panel,and knowing they are zoned from one location seems logical.