plastic water supply

I have finally run into the situation where the water supply comes into a central manifold and then is distributed throughout the home using flexible blue and red plastic piping.

It seems that everything can be turned off at this central manifold since there are no valves under sinks, etc.

Is this any good? pros/cons? This is the first time that I have dealt with this system.


Sounds like PEX and a normal manifold install. Why do you question it?


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The most curious location I have seen was a manifold (no turn-offs) placed between the first and second floors, between the I-joists, they covered with a drywall ceiling.

No easy way to access for repair / problems.

Every one of these I have inspected had a leak at the main input pipe, I think they were 1" and obviously hard to get tight.

Most installers use crimp rings…use the crimp gauge to confirm proper install.

I imagine the manufacturer would claim that the joints there are no more subject to leaks than concealed joints in any other piping system, but I would perfer a different arrangement myself.