What was that about rights....

the gov has gone completely bonkers! :shock::roll::mad:

Regulation is a tax on freedom.

And in this case common sense too.

More jobs down the drain!

I have never seen a kid lick a Dirt Bike!

The law of unintended consequences. And bureaucratic love of anything that can be used to increase control.

Sounds like the bureaucrats wanted to ban the OHV’s for kids. But didn’t want to discuss that on the merits.

Fortunately for us civil disobedience lives. Just one of the things citizens have to do sometimes. I wish him well.

Just to show how ridiculous this law is, a kid can walk into Walmart or any Bait & Tackle shop, and buy a pack of pure lead sinkers, that are small enough to chew on, yet there are no restricitons or warnings posted on the pack or in the store! I believe this is just another Tree Huggers attempt to control others! :mad::mad::mad::roll::roll::(:(:frowning:

And what is the most popular method of squeezing a split shot on your line???

Yep, you bite it.

Govn’t gone amok.

Yeah, it has been so long since I have gone fishing, I totally forgot about that. It is absolutely insane, this law is costing millions and thousands of jobs. i am going to send Malcom a check when he gets arrested, to help pay his fines of $100,000 per vehicle.