What was this used for?

It appears this has been cut out of the home and not attached to any plumbing right now. Does anyone have an idea of what it might have been used for?

Thanks in advance!

Hydronic heating system components.

I didn’t realize they have been in use since the seventies? Would these have been tied into the baseboard heaters at one time?

Never saw a system like that.looks like a 3d schematics chart.

Domestic hot water using water from the boiler as the heat source.

circulator pump. air trap, pressure gauge, expansion tank.

ALL component of hydronic heating system most likely baseboard units.

Agree to that above.

I know that they use heat exchangers for domestic hot water using heat from the boiler. Whether that’s what this one is doing, I can’t speak to.

If it is for hydronic heating, why would they not use water directly from the boiler? What would be the advantage of running it through a heat exchanger which maintains isolation of the heat source liquid from the liquid that is being heated? Running it through a heat exchanger is less less thermally efficient, requires duplicating the expense and maintenance of circulating pumps, expansion tanks, air bleeds, etc. along with additional power required to run the extra pump. I’m struggling with the rationale for such a configuration.

Chuck, this set up is no longer being used per the OP.

That is a common set up for the Northeast. Similar to my own system.
The furnace would have been connected to this set up and most likely supplied domestic hot water also, or had a hot water storage tank with a separate circulation pump.

I don’t see any heat exchanger.

I don’t either, there is no hot air furnace seen.

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My best guess!

I think Roy’s got it.

What do you think a “Heat Transfer Module” is?

It’s a liquid to liquid heat exchanger, basically an immersed coil. I was not referring to a furnace heat exchanger which is air to air.

There is no heat exchanger in the picture.

I recognize every component.

No coil pictured.


I agree Mike, the components shown are all used for an ail fired how water baseboard heat furnace like I have.
Heat exchanger would be air to liquid. :wink:

I am glad this is not cut and dry as I thought it might have been. It looks like they replaced this system with an oil boiler that now heats the baseboards and the domestic hot water. It was just really strange to see such an old systyem that was actually cutting edge for its time?

Thanks for the replies as I was thinking I should have know exactly what it was and it was killing me not knowing.