What was your first year like?

I have been in business for almost a year and I still have enough money to eat on. I was just wanted to know how many inspections everybody did their first year. Just curious I guess and averages will be fine.

About 50, 75 the second

It will vary from area to area. My 1st year was about 40. The 2nd year was 60 with the slowdown starting that year.

Because of the anticipated slowdown in 2007, I’ve decided that I needed to go back to a 8-5 job to help pay the bills. I now inspect on the weekend only. So far, 5 in January and one today.

So, it seems that if you average it out for the year, I’m still on the same booking rate as 2006. My guess is that it will improve during 2007. Lots of homes here in Northern California have dropped their prices enough (~10%) to be able to compete with the new construction homes. The builders are reducing their prices and throwing all sorts of goodies into their house deals.

It takes time to build up a referral base. You have to be able to market effectively during the down times to get the business when it starts up again.

Mostly rural area around here.
30 the first year, 50 the second, 3rd year off to a slowstart, but should improve.

75 my first and 258 my second

Wow, 258 your second year. Was that a mistype? What in the world happened?

1st year-56 (about 3/4 of a year) didn’t get rolling till April
2nd 88
3rd 144
5th 188

1st 4
2nd 19
3rd 66
4th 75
5th 118

2003 and 2004 - Indentured Servitude (state required) I did a total of 993 in these two years.

2005 = My first year in business I did 426.

2006 = Very slow year, so I only did 305 last year.

David, thats amazing. Are there not very many home inspectors in your area or do you have other inspectors working for you? 426 WOW. I would like to know your secret. Also what is indentured servitude?

My first year I did 80. It was a few realtors that knew me, a little word of mouth and all the rest was from the website. Had it not been for a few real dog months, I would have done a little better.

2nd year is growing quickly. Best of luck.

Massachusetts is a regulated State with over 600 licensed home inspectors. There are a lot of multiple inspector firms here, but I still manage to stay busy.

I do have one inspector working for me. His name is John. He’s very good and I’d like to keep him, but he plans on going on his own soon.

An Indentured Servitude is when your State HI regulations require all new home inspectors to obtain an Associate Inspectors license by passing the NHIE exam. Then they require you to work under a licensed home inspector for a period of one year or 100 inspections. The only problem with this is that it’s almost impossible to get local HI companies to hire you as you will be their future competition.

It is not how many you do - it is how much you make. Keep your CPA happy. “RAISE YOUR PRICES” Remember it is a buyer’s market. http://http://bjccinspections.com/BJCC_Inspector_BJ.html#Buyers_Market

1st year: 194

More than 50 my first year also. $50,000 that is. More than double that the second and third years. Fourth year was really good - Best year yet as far as $$$, and not near as many inspections as year 2 or three. . .