What water testing packages to offer

I have a Client asking if we offer water testing. I will reach out to the two local labs tomorrow that I know of here to see what standard testing services include. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions. I’m in North Carolina. Thanks.

The most basic, and what most people want is a Total Coliform test.

After that I offer Nitrates with the Total Coliform.

Cost to me is $24 for Total Coliform. I charge $150.
Cost to me is $45 for Total Coliform and Nitrates. I charge $175.

I only had one other request and that was for a full panel. They were planning on starting an organic farm. Test cost me $375. I charged $750.00. The also paid the local extension to have soil testing done. If I remember correctly, the coliform count (including E-Coli) was so high the darn sample could have walked to the lab on its own power.

Remember, you make trips to the lab for their testing bottles and trips to the lab for drop off.

EMSL Laboratories is who I use. Their BasicPlus test includes Total Coliform, E. Coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, & Turbidity, Iron, Maganese, and pH(interpretation is filtration system dependant) with 2 day return for $90.

I use a local lab that offers different water test.
Livestock suitability
Irrigation suitability
Drinking water.

I only offer 1 Test

FHA Loan Water Test

Total Coliform
Fecal Coliform
Nitrite Nitrogen Nitrate Nitrogen
E. coli

Sounds very similar to my area except our bottles only cost $15 and I charge $150 also to test for Total Coliform, if that comes back positive they test for E-Coli for free.

Ancillary inspections are definitely up this year.

Quick question. just got state certified as a drinking water sampler. Yeah, I know, sounds fancy doesn’t it ? state requires on site chlorine and PH test by a meter device prior to lab testing for Coliform. Any one have a good meter in mind that does both ? should have asked for a suggestion in class, but hindsight is 20/20

Please explain “on site chlorine”.

There are some fairly expensive test kits,
If you want something quick and inexpensive. I would go to a pool supply store and purchase a coloration test Kit.

Bump. Still waiting for explanation of “on site cholorine”.

Prior to taking a sample to submit to a lab for testing, they want chlorine and ph levels tested in the field and recorded on the submission forms. Hence, “on site” I"m referring to residential drinking water testing, just to be clear.

A chlorine test on well water? Can’t say I have ever run in to a chlorinated well, not even on shared well systems. Must be a regional thing.

this is for public water system testing, shouldn’t see chlorine in a well system. Sorry about the confusion.

Thanks for all the good information…time to become a water testing expert to add to my skills!

The most likely scenario for chlorine in well water is from someone “shocking” the well with bleach to kill bacteria. Perhaps the state is requiring the on site chlorine testing to ensure that any testing performed for bacteria will yield valid results?

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Chlorine and PH levels are for state records to record levels in public water systems from multiple testers. Smart idea on their part to get a data base going to ensure water quality from every submission submitted. You will get chlorine readings when a well is shocked. A true well water sample should be taken after the chlorine is out of the system, to get a true reading of the water quality.

I suspect there are homeowners who will attempt to “beat the system” by shocking their wells prior to the testing, much the same as opening windows and running fans for the 12 hours prior to a Radon test.