What were they thinking?

Found this today. Flush line. Starts at the water softener, up through the attic and into the 3" vent stack. Polybutylene and a whole bunch of other issues. Just though I’d share.






Creative :slight_smile:

An engineer.

Somebody was a problem solver!


Sub-Contractors is not a dirty word.

They are a necessity in today’s times.

I hope I do not need to explain all the reasons because I am beat from todays inspections :slight_smile:

Don’t take it personal just a joke. I have seen some subs that I wouldn’t let wash my truck much less work on my home.

Meeeeeeeeee to

Now boys, play nice.

you were inspecting MacGyver’s house

Looks like a cross-connection,
I would of cut the water pipe loose. This is a safety issue to the community. Report it to code enforcement.

Nick - that’s a very good observation, but I wouldn’t be cutting anything loose - that is up to a licensed plumbing contractor. Seems to me that more information is needed. If it’s well water (which most softeners are on) and the off-pressure is being dumped into the vent/drain (city water) then I agree - there is a cross connection.

If it’s city water, off pressuring to city water - is it a cross connection?

David Linehan
Merritt Island, FL

in order to correct it, there should be an indirect waste with an
air-gap, the blow off/drain should have a trap also. View it anyway possible, the sanitary and the domestic water are directly connected.

If there is anything positive, it would be that it is high in the attic, so a stoppage would be come out thru a lower point e.g. shower, lav, tub… Regardless, the sewer gases from the vent can back-siphon into the domestic water. Vermin can enter the pipe, etc…

Doing a 4 point once I found a #14 wire going into a 60 amp breaker. I’m not an electrian but I pulled it out and advised the home owner of the danger.

If you look closely at the first picture, the black rubber hose, which I assume is the one we are discussing that goes up to the attic) is an anti-gravity hose from a pressure relieve valve - so I disagree that that the sanitary and domestic are directly connected. Again, more information is needed.

As for pulling a wire from a 60 amp breaker - you’re a braver man than me. I’ll leave it at that. :slight_smile:

David Linehan
Merritt Island, FL

Never heard of an anti-gravity hose. Never heard of using a hose on a pressure relief valve. Only material in miami-dade allowed for pressure relief (T&P valve) is rigid. can’t understand why the black rubber hose can not terminate above grade outside the home. cut it…

As a homeowner I would be seeing you in court for cutting anything I own.
You have no right to cut anything.It is outside your scope of duty and the homeowner is not getting repairs from inspector but an evaluation. You are not helping anyone by making on site modifications just because you deem it wrong.

Your right, but the safety of our society comes first. I am bound by administrative law under 468 to report code violations and/or unsafe conditions if they can not be remedied. This is why I quit doing home inspections.

As a home inspector you are a member of our social stucture and should act like one. Safety first…

I am all for socail safety but due process as well and you cutting a line at at home you inspect is not due process. I doubt anything you have presented here constitues an immediate threat to anything. Maybe you should go to police academy instead.

So you quit doing home inspections??? How many law suits did that take?