What would this be from?

Did an inspection on a retired grow op last week in Ottawa, electricity still off, ESA won’t put the meter back on until the air quality report comes back. Owner put in about $70,000 and it sold for over $100,000 less than market value. My question is what would have caused the brown spots on these light fixtures on 5 of them all the same on 2 floors. Just cheap fixtures or ???

Too high wattage of bulb.
There should be a label for maximum bulb and type.

Notice the pattern? It matches the vents at the back of the bulb enclosure.

got to have light to grow LOL

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My mother had the same problem a few years ago - wanted me to replace the fixtures. Convinced her new bulbs were cheaper. :wink:

Thanks guys, I was thinking along that line. Given the history of the house, just wanted to make sure.

Many times I see standard Incand. light bulbs in fixtures that are designed for reflective types and so on. Unless the fixture labeling allows standard bulbs they need to be checked on every inspection as I know of (2) cases where a recess fixture had normal incan. light bulbs installed and caused a house fire…the fixtures were designed for reflective type only…in doubt check for labels.