What would you do?

I did an Inspect this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary.
This was a very small 1/1 cabin with a metal roof.
Misting rain so I opted out of traversing it but I could see the surfaces very well from the hillside,standing on my truck toolbox, from the eves,and used binoculars.
Roof looked great so explained all that to the customer,completed the inspection,went home,and submitted my report.
Then I get an email from the agent requesting I go back when the roof is dry or give a discount since I didn’t fully Inspect the roof. WHAT!!!
That really frosted my you know what lol… But I promptly got back in my truck drove 1 hour one way and climbed up on the now dry roof. Sent em a revised report. I figured a bad review even if I was in the SOP’s may have been in the works.

Did you send the agent a bill for the return trip?

I tell them that on rainy days I can find leaks in roofs that I can’t find walking them on the sunny days. Inspections are subject to the conditions of the day. My reinspection fee is $250 for the first hour when I have to schedule a trip for it. I can discount if I can do it at my convenience. If the agent doesn’t like that tell her to make it stop raining.

What is she going to demand of you when it gets cold in north Georgia in the wintertime and you can’t operate the A/C?

Two words…

Yeah I hear ya guys but Im in my 3rd year the first two was very slow and now its starting to pick up very well. I have to weigh the chance off peeing off an agent who Im sure would bash my name in the office.We are in a very small town and a bad word even if its untrue will travel fast.
Or do what I did with the knowledge that I maybe made an agent happy…
I figure It all works out. And the time didnt break me.

Only someone with a death wish will walk a wet metal roof. The cabins in our area are almost too steep to walk when they are dry, let alone wet. You will never find me on a wet metal roof and I would never return without a proper fee being collected.

You got buffaloed by an agent and based on your response, it won’t be the last time. :roll:

Do you work for the client or agent?

Were they led to believe that the roof was not inspected at all and you was disclaiming it?

When I’m doing my driveway speech (in the house when it’s raining) I tell them I won’t be able to get on the roof since its raining, but if it’s leaking we’ll have a better chance of seeing it than if it wasn’t raining. Most people accept that. If not, it’s 109 to come back and look at it.

I had someone get angry once, but you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try.

Just a thought…

As you have stated that the roof was wet, and you did not traverse, but inspected from eaves etc…

In your report, did you simply state as a limitation? Or did you state a recommendation, such as to further inspect when surface is dry or by roofer etc?

Point being, if there are limitations of the inspection that were beyond your control, and you recommend a return to site… don’t be shy to indicate in the report that you can return, for a fee. Less than ideal, but at same time the agent/buyers may not have understood that you charge for re-inspections or return visits to site.

In your PIA, and while on site (esp if limitations are known), let people know how you do things, so they know what to expect!

you guys all are making valid points… yes I spoke with the client and the agent my thoughts on the roof…it wasn’t steep 3/12 pitch and i could see it very well.and it looked great.

I did click the box on my report (Reporthost software) that says.

Normally the inspector attempts to traverse roof surfaces during the inspection. However, due to safety concerns about the type of roof covering ,roof configuration, slippery conditions
the inspector was unable to traverse the roof and wasn’t able to fully evaluate the entire roof surface.

In hind site I could have worded this different. I have used it in the past with out any issues. Im trying very hard to have a no questions asked policy .
I just want to give the best customer support I can… that said …yes I was bullied a little . But it wasn’t the worst thing to have to go back. I think really the issue wasn’t the roof …I think they were trying to get money back from me. Either way its done and they cant say I didnt take care of em.
Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to eat a little time to build future clientele.

You revised your report… just to change it to say you walked the roof?

Lol yep that was about it. I took that statement out , stated that the roof was traversed and the surface was serviceable and added some photos.

I think your problem is critical so call professional inspector who properly do his job and gives you actually what is the problem.