Electrical Panel Issues - Help

Besides the double tap, what else would you all call out?

I don’t want to write your report for you. Cuz you would learn better if I didn’t. What do you see incorrect with this panel?
Then we can go on after that.
50 amp main are you sure?


The overspray all over everything inside that panel for one.

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No because its a split bus correct?

You called me a prick before you deleted your post why did you do that? I was trying to help you.

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I decided to be nice. Because its always one of you that has to say some smart ass shit like “I am not going to write your report” etc. It gets old dude.

I wasn’t trying to be a smart-ass sir. I’ve trained a hundred inspectors through the years and I’ve learned one thing in doing so. Each and every one of us has our own voice when we write our narratives or comments.
I can’t let me emphasize this can’t write your report for you.
You called me a prick. I will never help you again. Unless you apologize for that. I was truly trying to help you. Honestly!


Roy is one of the good ones Michael. However unorthodox his teaching method is shouldn’t matter.
You asked for help and he is just trying to do that. You should apologize IMO and learn something.


I want to learn how the best, most experienced guys out there would report on it. There are some inspectors that basically call out everything possible to bring it up to current standards and even recommend AFCI breakers. So the client thinks they need a whole new panel. Then there are other inspectors that are more lenient. It is interesting how when something is posted there will be many different answers, everyone would almost write it up differently. I want to see how other people would write it up I don’t need someone to do my report.

I removed the comment that was me taking it back. Prick isn’t even a curse word lol

I’ve been called worse. , prick is good sob would have been better asshole would have been the best… LOL
I tried really I did. God bless and hope you make it. Next!
Even though you degraded me. I will always be here to help you. That I promise


A hungry squirrel will eat bark from a tree.

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Good luck ill miss you.

I see numerous things wrong with this panel beside 2 neutrals under one screw. And I’m on Roy’s side about learning. List all the things you see wrong with it and maybe others will help. But just that one issue isn’t enough…JMHO…


Overspray/doubletap/ and the grounds are shit. Other then that I think its fine.

You missed some shit.


Put that in your report and move on… :lying_face:

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Michael, you messed up. Roy is someone who is always available to help other inspectors. As he said, what do you see? If you would have answered that, then he and others would have jumped in and helped. Giving you the answers is not going to make you a better inspector.


What JD said^^^^^^^^^^
Get over yourself!


Roy goes out of his way to help people. Hell, he gives out his phone # and is almost always available.