What your inspector missed

I hired this guy last year, charge $300. I don’t know if you was sleeping with the Re agents or what but here is what he missed:

  • Sagging joists. He thinks it was from not enough jack in the basement. When ever you see saggin joists it is from mold and water damage! Saggin joists need to be replace,

  • Mold, there was leaks in the basement and the front porch, does this guy even mention there could be mold in the house. I suffered from allergies for a long time until i figure out what need to be ripped out.

  • property line, anyone with a little housing experience could see the property line has problem with the neighbour shed.

  • tree blocking driveway, no mention what so ever that the massive pine tree might be a problem in the middle of the drive way

You can i get my inspection fee back?

When did you discover thee tree .
Seems like at one year you might be a little late .
When did you discover the mould .
It could be from a new leak.
Sagging Joist’s ,Did he report them.
sleeping with the Re agents ,This is not a nice thing to say or insinuate .

Is this the house? http://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/private-sale-cottage-seller-does-not-want-inspection-73992/#post935315

Aurin, I agree with Roy above. In addition I would need to see your Inspection Agreement as well as the SOP in your state if there is one, and Also would need to see the inspectors report as to see what he wrote or commented on in reference to all your alleged claims.


Yes, to get your inspection fee back please call Linas Dapkus at 1-800-Bite-Mee

Okay then… :roll:

  1. In almost ten years, I have never come across sagging joists which were the product of mold and moisture damage. Are you indicating the inspector called out the sagging joists but you disagree with his reasons?
  2. If there is a health concern regarding mold, one should approach their doctor first. What did your doctor say?
  3. Property lines and survey or plot concerns are well outside the scope of a home inspection.
  4. If there is a tree in the middle of the driveway, how did it require a home inspector to identify it as a defect?

Your second concern sounds like it could warrant some follow up with your inspector, but I am still curious about something. Why would you be asking about getting only a $300 fee back when your list of issues is as broad as you describe it?

Decided to “channel” Linas since he isn’t here anymore?:cool:
Or is he?

Orillia, ON, Canada.

Anyone know what inspection standards there are up there?

We don’t know it was a full or a 4 point .

Correct, or even just a limited inspection of just the roof and HVAC…or whatever. We know nothing regarding any details.


Could have been just a ‘walk & talk’ like that guy in Florida is doing!

LOL, oh yeah the one who posted how much in debt he is and how he needs a different job…haha got ya…:wink:


With all due respect to all the responders, I think you’re going overboard on replying seriously to this rude non-member, just my 2 cents!

Probably an attorney, looking for amo in some case, like he has before. Surprising that his number of posts never change,.

That Florida guy is a genius :twisted:

My debt is dur to my injury. Why is it a problem that I dislike this career. It is hot, sweaty, dirty and sometimes smelly. Plus you have to deal with folks that want the world for pennies and part time Realtors that want you to bend to their part time schedules. You are absolutely correct I am looking for a better career. I have a lifetime of experience managing up tpo 100+ employees and running a biz from top to bottom. I hope to find something that can get me out of the heat and attics because I do NOT ENJOY it. at almost 45 I believe I should try to find a career I enjoy to give me a reason to WANT to get up in the morning not just do what I HAVE to to bring home the bacon.

By the way I actually enjoy the walk and talks and the clients love it and I rarely have a Realtor even there on them . win, win, win :slight_smile:

Probally a generalist home inspector they are like General contractors that build homes to minimum code standards just like generalist home inspectors inspect to minumum standards;-)

Cameron hit the nail on the head.

I think someone is phishing.