Whatever happened to that NCP thing in Canada?

It was all the rage a couple years ago. What happened?

You took it out in a land slide with the CPI!

And still is!

Below copied in part from a recent communique:

*The National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC) has been very successful over the past two years delivering the National Certification program to most regions in the country. More Canadian home inspectors now hold a National Home Inspector (NHI) designation than any credential offered by any other Canadian organization.

The NHI as delivered by the NHICC provides a valuable, robust and nationally approved credential that ***compliments **rather than rivals any other certifications you might have. The NHICC is an independent national certification body, not an industry association, so it welcomes applications from members of all associations as well as inspectors who choose to practice without being members of any organization…

Marcel I think what Nick is saying is the respect associated with the involvement of CMHC and CAPHI
I don’t want to put words in his mouth so I might be wrong. Hopefully he can clear it up but after a e-mail from him yesterday he has allot on his plate.
Oh and they also changed it to NHI which is Trade marked

Yeah, like that’s never happened before.:roll::roll:


If you fight fire with fire the flames go out!

Let see.

I get a bogus call me message via my phone and email and less than a minutes later Kevin posts.

KEVIN, was that you?

I’ll let the rest decide.

I think Marcel is on the Executive .
I wonder will you tell us how many members there are ._______________________________________
The Canadian industry remains fractured and NCP has not changed much of anything.

No but it might have been one of your competitors.

Still alive and doing well under the NHICC.

For clarification - Marcel is not on the NHICC executive.

CAHPI’s version seems to have all but disappeared after the termination announcement.

So Claud is it now the NHI or is it still NCP?

Hi Kevin:

It always was and still is the NCP which stands for the National Certification Program.
When it was administered by CAHPI, inspectors certified through them were called National Certificate Holders - NCH

Now, under the NHICC administration, inspectors who achieve full certification are called National Home Inspectors - NHI

In other words, the NHI credential has replaced the cancelled and now defunct NCH.

Thanks for asking. It’s a good question on a confusing subject.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for posting it Bill.
So National Certificate Holder is defunct.
National Certificate Program is still running.
When you get Certified you can now call yourself a credited National Home Inspector.
And the certifying body is still NHICC.
National Home Inspector Certification Council.
Is this all correct?

NHICC, NCP, NHI, NCA, NCH… c’mon, be serious.


NACHI, iNACHI, ACHI, CanNACHI, OntarioACHI, CMI, CHI, AIC, CCHI, AlbertaNACHI, …are you serious ?? It seems we all like our acronyms :slight_smile:

Letters are just letters. It’s what’s behind them that matters, and there’s no reason that one set of letters has to be in competition with another.

Bill Mullen

That is correct, Kevin, except that the NHICC came into being in 2010 when CAHPI relinquished the rights to the NCP. The NHICC was then given the right to administer the program. Prior to then, certifications were issued through CAHPI but now they are all issued through the NHICC across Canada.
It makes more sense now, because there is no influence or control from any association, since the NHICC is independent and is governed by and for the National Home Inspectors themselves. Certification is available to any Canadian Home Inspector who qualifies from any association, or even to inspectors who choose not to be a member of any association.

Bill Mullen

Now that is good news Bill I am glad that all Inspectors that qualify are welcome. This is what we want to achieve here in Ontario only.

Numbers baby numbers.
All affiliate InterNACHI members are listed publicly.
Can the other associations say the same?
If so tell us!

Please tell us the rest of the story Bill what is the cost to get welcomed into your group and what is the cost per year .
I do not see where you told us how many members there are .