What's black 10 foot long and in a crawlspace

From the photo I could see the super long black snake’s head on the left and its tail on the right of the insulation. I grabbed the head and started to pull him/her out then I discovered that was a second snake on the right! It turns out there were two 5-foot snakes most likely a mating pair. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a scary thought, I bet they were waiting for mice running up the wire, there is a mouse piss trail going up the wire.

Hope they were not poisonous. And I hate snakes. I would have freaked out.


That’s not in the SOP right? I may be looking for another career!


Oh hell no… I hate snakes!

The cute pair was on their honeymoon until the Engineer showed up!

Nope, nope, uhm, yeah NOPE… Don’t do snakes. Even garter snakes give me the hebee jebees. lol

I thought you big machine drivers were a tough bunch, guess not :sunglasses:

Just one of many reasons I have an up-charge of $250.00 to inspect a home with a crawlspace.

Was in one a few years ago, no snakes, at least I didn’t see any, but there were snake skin sheddings everywhere.

You must not have many crawls in your area.

Can handle just about any critter, just not snakes. :laughing: Had a 10 foot boa constrictor freak out and constrict around my neck and head at a gator farm in FL when I was a kid while taking a picture with it. Took 4 people to get it off of me. Ever since then…,. Nope nope nope. 40 plus years later I’m still scarred I guess.:laughing::laughing:

Whose wonderful idea was this :smiley:

My parents. Had a baby gator in my hands at the time too. I think it went flying across the room, Course the snake could have been trying to eat it and I just got tangled up in the aftermath.

Thankfully, not too many.

Very few in NE Ohio also.

It is good having snakes outside of the house, They eat rodents.

I was doing a termite inspection in a crawl space. There were swarms in the tub/shower so I went into the that area in the crawl. I had gloves on and reached to pull the insulation back and a black snake didn’t like being disturbed and lunged at the hand full of insulation. Needless to say I didn’t know I could back up away from that area as fast as I did. When I settled down I shined my flashlight in that area and the snake was still there. I told the customer that I couldn’t check the area under the bath tub because of the snake. He said Oh that’s my friend and he keeps the mice down. This was in Virginia, and the customer said this snake was about 10’ long.

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And he did not tell you he was in there before you went in?

No. He forgot

True that, I liked Bull Snakes when I lived in NM but despise rattlesnakes.

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