What's it do and how's it work?

Please let me know what this is. Load control device?

They look like old meter bases.

Looks like there was at least one renter at one time, so two different electric meters. Then someone came in and at least partially renovated/upgraded the property. A full renovation/upgrade would have resulted in those two old meter bases being removed.

If you weren’t in South Carolina, I would swear that you took that picture at my very first house in Houston back in 1978. Perhaps you visited me back then and I don’t remember you?

Thanks RR. But we’ve never met. Only to be to CA once…Death Valley was lovely.

The property is a condo about 20 years old. 2 bedroom. I doubt someone rented a portion of the unit.

Hi Joe,

I’m sure Russell is on the right lines with the up grade as those are definately old meter bases (round cans being indicative of 30-60 amp meters) however I would guess that at one time the first meter was for regular electrical consumption, and the second meter was for “off peak” supply, probably for eletric heat or hot water.

Funny thing is, that that would make the property more like 60 years old rather than 20



Most of the empty meter sockets in my State are indicative of an “Off Peak Meter”. Which are obsolete, now.

I agree.

There’s no such thing as “off peak” out here. :smiley:

I do find them quite often at 2on1s and 3on1s. We did a 1on1 about a year ago that had five of them, close to the border, probably obviously. One for each room and one for the trailer out back. The seller was a flipper and had a real nice, huge book showing us the renovation process.