Whats my next IR Camera????

Take a guess what my next IR camera update is going to be. My son will take over my HI inspection business when I decide to retire, but I will die with a IR camera in my hand. I am getting ready to take the next step in IR. I have purchased 3 cameras since 2007 but intend to make one more purchase. At age 72 what should it be a rocking chair or another camera. Make your guess and I will post a pic of my new expansion when I receive it:D:D:D

A pair of friggin eyeglasses that work for you.:slight_smile:
I’ll catch hell for this one.

Flir One?!

A C2 for C-More?

You know red hat You are going to buy the best one momma lets You get away with so lets see it …

Seek? :lol:

Yup, I like that one!

But this is the truth! :shock:

Ok Dave I just knew you would say Flir one. Jim Your right on I am a mama’s boy I know which side of the bread has the butter.

Chuck is correct my brand name is CMOR say it real slow and it makes sense.

I will have my new toy by the 20th of this month and will post a pic

T640 is my guess unless you went big

I know, but I won’t spill the beans! :freaked-:

No, it’s not a big one…

I know ya know and I have decided which one, it is plenty big for what I want to do. I will be attending class tonight for it. Never to old to learn;-)

Its not a T640 but I will give ya this its a 640X512:D:D

That’s cool! Mama think it’s OK? :slight_smile:

Are you going to give up on climbing roof tops now?

Well that gives it away, will be interested in hearing how you like it over the next few months

Will be taking some video of my home and land with the ponds and just playing around until we get licensed:D

Here is the version we are acquiring

I could have use this at the Arnold Jet Propulsion Lab job I did last week, but they prolly would have shot it down! No, they definitely would have!

Had to take an elevator, 2 flights of stairs, 2 cat walks across buildings, and climb two vertical exterior ladders. Then a thunderstorm showed up from nowhere!

I know that song!:D:D

I have an FAA license and have held a pilot license for over a decade, if I could offer anything of worth, please call, so I won’t feel bad when I call you with thermography questions