Whats the amperage of this service...FP panel

Here’s a infamous Federal Pacific panel. What would the service amps be. It’s got a 30 amp (top), 50 amp (middle), and a 60 amp (bottom). The 60 feeds the interior breakers.


Looking at the service entrance conductors it would be between 100 and 200 amps. Can you see a size on the conductors terminated in the main lugs?

100 Amp as the hot or service lines coming in are too small for 200 Amp IMO.

As Robert alluded, it would have to be determined by the smaller of either the panel rating or the service entrance conductor rating. If you don’t know, say you couldn’t determine and refer it to a sparky, as I hope you did anyway since it’s an FPE.

Split Main Panel.
… still a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok…
Recommend replacement…

Based on what information would he go out on a limb and recommend a replacement for this panel?