What's this thing in the propane pipe?

This was in-line where the propane line entered the home. It’s where I often see a shut-off valve or regulator. Does this look familiar?

Not too sure, but it appears to be an electric valve.

electricity and propane, hmmm…

Perhaps a “safety shut off” device.

Hard to tell but I would tend to think this also. Propane will expand when temperatures rise. If this is not some type of connector/shutoff valve combination then I would look at the possibility it could be an additional safety release valve, in the event the tank pressure rose to high. Propane tanks generally have their own safety release valves, when pressure rises to high, for this issue but this may have been added as a “Backup” per se.

Very common - how about gas for your car, all kinds of electric around it.:slight_smile:

It appears to have a connection for another gas line, but it was on a side of the home that wasn’t used much, not near the deck, like it might be if it was some sort of “T” for a gas grill.

Where do the wires lead to?


I would say either a pop off valve for an over-pressure situation, or perhaps a seismic shut-off valve.

I didn’t follow the wires. Too many thing to investigate and they weren’t paying for wire-following. I wound up recommending an electrical contractor for various things anyway.

Seismic is not really an issue around here. Regulators are designed to allow excessive pressure to bleed off.

A google search for “propane shut off valve”, “propane solenoid” seems to show examples of what you displayed. One results, shows a combination solenoid/switch and in which from inside the house you can isolate propane from entering the house. Now this has me guessing this is a ‘fuel shut off’, maybe energizes on demand, or designed to close on the flick of an emergency switch, or both. :wink:


tom [guessing]

Thanks Tom.

Any possibillity that it might be an electric safety selonoid valve?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I don’t know what that is Marcel, but I kind of like the sound of it.