What's with Inspectorpages? They refuse to respond!

I’m an administrator for a number of Inspectorpages websites, but one of them is not accessible because I need the IP address. Very simple information.

Inspectorpages refuses to respond to my submittal form requests for help and when I try calling, they leave me on hold long enough to cost me some money (I’m in México) and then I get a recording telling me that no one is available and to leave a number. No one calls me back. I first started trying to contact them well over a year ago.

Anyone else getting treated this way by Inspectorpages?

Hi Kenton, I can help you with that. Please PM me your website address and I’ll let you know the IP it uses.


Thanks David, you have mail!

Yes this is why so many went to HIP or elsewhere 2 years ago. Total B.S.

The website files are gone and I get to re-build the site from scratch.

Thanks for not responding and costing me a lot of time and money Inspectorpages!

I sincerely hope Inspectorpages goes under but not before losing a lot of money.

Kenton, we’re about to launch a brand new hosting platform. Shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up for free.

Dom, do you have a go live date on that?

My HOPE is to start giving it out to a few dozen guys for testing in the next week and then go live to everyone else after that. We’ve been working on the new system for over a year and a half now which is way longer than I’d initially planned.

I looked into them about 2 years ago. Had a few questions and tried to contact them. Waited and waited but no response so I moved on. Got an email from them about two months later stating that they were sorry for the delayed response and that they were having server issues or something like that. Doesn’t sound like very a stable company to me.