Poured foundation wall bowed in damn good, multiple cracks in F-wall and stupid wall anchors

St Clair Shores, expansive clay soil plus tree roots = foundation wall cracks, leaky basements and sometimes cause foundation walls to bow in, ya dig?
So before this homeowner bought the joint, another moron installed 6 wall anchors, patched cracks on inside and then HID wall by tossing up drywall. Someone also dug the exterior BUTT they backfilled with 90% of the same clay soil = incompetent sobs

The problems as usual have NOTHING to do with that dumb azz notion of somehow the drain tiles are part or all of the problem/solution, TOTAL nonsense and fkkkg stupid!

Tell me how installing a fruitfkkgcake interior basement drainage system would have stopped the water from entering and would have reduced the lateral soil pressure acting upon the wall, pffffffffffft!

interior basement systems companies suck, they lie, cheat, scam homeowners, period.

Was there no seller’s disclosure regarding structural repairs? If my memory serves me right, in Connecticut a court ruled against an inspector because, even though he mentioned in his report he could not inspect the basement foundation wall because of the presence of drywall, he should nonetheless have warned the buyer that drywall might have concealed the cracks removal of the drywall subsequently revealed.

Daniel, the buyer did hire a lawyer, in the end the lawyer thought it would be difficult to prove the last seller, a realtor, was the one who had the wall anchors installed because nobody knows when the drywall was slapped up which hid the wall anchors and cracks and no permit pulled. Right, nothing on disclosure I’m told

The realtor hired us previously to waterproof 14’ on the side wall about 2 years ago and of course I let the buyer know this when he called for an estimate on the bowed in back wall. I gave the buyer the paperwork/proposal so he could pass on to lawyer. The realtor did not pay me for about a week, avoided my phone calls etc and so I did a lil homework on the bitch and found that the realtor was previously charged for molesting a child so I called his realty office and put some heat on and got paid within 1 day.

Anyways, the first time I was asked to give realtor an estimate on 14’ of side wall, I remember there was drywall against back wall. To add, somebody in the past hired an interior drainage system moron who installed an INT system throughout most of the basement, THAT I did notice and told the buyer it didn’t do shit. So looking back, part of my take was the realtor, molester, hired the INT company who fucked him (he kept leaking on side 14’ (other area too imo but only wanted an est on 14’), and after the shtty experience with the INT co, copped an attitude on waterproofing co’s and hired us and then played games with not paying me, hope that makes a lil sense lol.

The bowed in WALLS are indeed noticeable from the outside, 2 walls, the side and the back (wall anchors) and I don’t know if this buyer hired a home inspector, the INT systems is also obviously easily observed inside the basement. 95% of all the foundation walls are not, were not visible 2 years ago inside, drywall and old paneling.

I remember telling 2 neighbors a few houses away from this house we previously did some waterproofing for that the realtors house is in bad shape, I would never buy it etc, shtt the one neighbor got an estimate for over $40,000 for an INT system and some piers, she hired us thankfully, cost her $3,200 to waterproof 3 sep-areas, that was about 5 years ago and she is dry and her house is NOT settling, that’s what the INT system jokers told her.

I told the buyer, existing owner who got fkkd, I’d be more than happy lol to talk to his lawyer, never got a call.