What's wrong with this panel?

One year old construction.


October 3, 2006 006 (Custom).jpg

October 3, 2006 005 (Custom).jpg

Well, the insulation within the box is certainly a problem.

There’s at least one AFCI that won’t operate as its neutral has become disconnected.

Is there a bonding strap or screw attached to the neutral bus?

That happens to other people too? Cool! :mrgreen:

I LOVE blown in! Can you tell? :mad: :mad:
Oh yeah, it tastes real good too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff, the bond is the bigger green 1/4-20 screw in the neutral buss at the top right.

Ah yes. I see it. . .

Or wired backwards like this mornings new home (just passed final electrical)

You didn’t show a picture looking up but I bet there is either a raceway “chimney” into the attic with the RX in it or there are some missing knockouts and a chase. How did the insulation get down there?

BTW I would write up that shreaded newspaper as a defect if I saw it but that may just be a Florida thing. Here it will turn into grey mud in 5 years.
In Florida the vapor barrier should be OVER the insulation, particularly if it is going to absorb water. Our warm moist air is outside, not inside like you folks with a winter. Insulation like this becomes a sponge.

I am with Greg…is their a conduit ran to the attic for future? As I have seen many blow ins but never have I seen it fill the panel like this without a knockout missing or a PVC Conduit running to the attic…and the installer leaving it too short as to not make it ABOVE the blown in.

It was in a garage, the third car single garge. The homeowner had had the builder close in and insulate this as an extra room. There was fiberglass blown in the attic, so I am assuming this was what they put in the walls for insulation.

lol…well they got HAPPY with it…no doubt…:slight_smile: