Sub Panel

Do yo see anything wrong in this panel?


a picture would help…

Sorry about that!!! That might help. Hope the pic is large enough.


Do have anymore pics?

Something looks odd.

  1. The box is not bonded to the grounding system.

  2. The Red in the bottom orange cable appears to power the bus but then the Black in the same cable comes from the second breaker

  3. I can’t tell what is up with the black in the upper orange cable. Is it cut?

Aside from the panel being fed by an undersized conductor, it looks like 2 circuits are
connected to the 220 breaker - one of which is back feeding the supply wire? The ground and neutral looks bonded as well. Very interesting.


Where do yo see the ground and neutral tried together?

I’m missing it.

It looks like the ground and neutrals are tied into the same bus under the lowest breaker.
Can’t actually eyeball the bus. I didn’t mean I saw the bus bonded to the box.


Maybe this will help.


Hi to all,

I looked long and hard at this panel trying to figure out what the hell was going on, after hours of thought and deliberation I have concluded that it is in fact:


Sorry to be so technical :wink:

Defer to a licensed electrician :cool:



Do you have a glossary of terms in your reports?:mrgreen:

Believe it or not I have used the term Fubar’d a couple of times in reports, most people know that one, my persoal favorite is “Knackered”



I had to look that one up Gerry.:shock:

Main Entry:knack·ered (](“”)

Here’s a better link to the word and they way we use it:

In Rhyming slang we also use “Cream Crackered” LOL



Analogous to being ready for the glue factory.

Precisely :mrgreen: all worn out and beyond hope :wink:

Feeling a little knackered myself today, been doing an engine swap in my girlfriends Miata :frowning:



I’ll trade you the landscaping I been doing over the last couple of weeks.:wink:

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hope I helped some, don’t forget to drink while working on this project, that way when ya bust your knuckles it don’t hurt as much.:D:D

Thanks! The person buying the house is a professional sparky. He could not believe his eyes, when I took the cover off. He started to laugh.


It’s hard to see from that picture. (i hit the macro button on my camera and take at least 4 pics of every panel)

There shouldn’t be that kind of open space around the can. Fire hazard.
There are apparently drywall screws attempting to secure the panel in place.
There’s apparently 14/2 to a 20-amp.
Sheathings should be stripped back a little more (no biggy).