What's Your Home Inspection Tip For Sellers?

Today’s Home Inspection Blog is about home inspection tips for sellers.

What’s your tip?

Fix the things you know about- the inspector coming through may write : “I recommend a Licensed, Bonded, Insured Professional make repairs”.

Plumber, Electrician, Roofer, Carpenter, Mason, Engineer, blah blah cha ching

Isn’t that the truth!

Don’t try to hide things, it only makes everyone feel uncomfortable when they are found. And it also makes the inspector mad and makes them even dig deeper.

Don’t ARGUE, when the report is written then express you concerns about the report with you REPRESENTATIVE, that is their job.

Make the house availble, meaning ensure attic access are clear, electrical panels are clear and accessible.

Ensure pets are properly restrained or removed during the inspection.

Ensure children and not free to roam because ladders may be set up of an electrical panel open for a very short time.

Try to get all the house information available. Like when the roof was replaced, plumbing, AC etc…

DISCLOSE all past defects. I hate it when I ask a client if they ever had a roof leak and they say “Nope”. We then go into the attic and see a huge water mark and they say it was from a leak 2 years ago! If it hasn’t rained I cannot prove it DOES or DOES not leak, but if items are disclosed ahead of time, it sure makes your position more believeable.

All Great Tips!

Take the report, and fix the item CORRECTLY, or disclose it to the buyer. At least major items. If the buyer hires a good inspector too, they will find whatever it is, and then the process will slow as you all negotiate for repairs or concessions.

Get a pre-sale certified move in inspection.

de clutter de clutter and de clutter some more .

Please clean the toilets before we get there …please?