When inspecting appliances...

always make sure the washing machine lid safety switch is working properly to prevent injury or death to kids. Look here!

I don’t inspect appliances.


JB has no reason to as it is not part of standards of practice and they can go bad the second you leave.
That being said he probably checks vent connections but he will answer that.
Oh …I do check them but they are part of my expertise

My clients and I were very glad I checked them this morning. The dishwasher in a brand new home leaked all over the floor while operating, and it took half of the cycle to show up. He said “I’m glad you found that now so I don’t have to deal with it when I move in”.

I’m sure Jim disclaims them and informs his client.

If it took half the cycle I hope it was not from drain backup.

I don’t inspect washing machines because they are considered personal appliances and rarely convey with the property. But more important than their lack of conveyance is that my GL, life, and AD&D insurance do not cover me for messing with someone else’s personal appliances.


Every year…the same mental midget (Mike Parson, Republican) from a small rural town in southwest Missouri presents his home inspection licensing bill. He claims that he is driven to see a law to protect citizens from home inspectors who are not competent as a result of the home inspection done for his daughter that did not discover that her washing machine did not operate.

Unlike this obvious by-product of a brother and sister love affair, most people can tell the difference between a house and a washing machine.

So, as Blaine says, I explain to people that I specialize in buildings…not toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators or other temporary appliances. It simplifies things for me.

Vent connections, yes. I will also call attention to fridges plugged in to GFCIs and washing machines that are not. I will call out washing machines that are on a finished surface that are not on a “catch pan”.

I will inspect around the appliance, as it might relate to the integrity of the structure, but not the function of the device itself.

I like that. Sounds like something my wise old grandmother would have said.

The last thing I want to do is look inside someones fridge, stove or dishwasher; remember Jeffery Dahmer?:shock:


“My baloney has a first name…It’s O…S…C…A…R…

Well, the deep freeze seems to be working; we have frozen hand’s, arm’s and a head!