Dimensional shingle cracks

Shingles are 22 yrs. old. Would you concur that shingles: Have “accelerated” craze cracking due to age? Are consistent wiht Certainteed manufacturer defect? Or is this what dimensional shingles look like after 20+ yrs. and are going to need replaced soon?

As always, thanks in advance.

Typical wear and tear is my opinion and nearing the end of its service life.

I agree. Looks like a 20+ year worn shingle in Ohio climate to me.

One mistake I see alot is we forget what the technology of the day was back then. When that shingle was manufactured in the late 80’s, it was no where close to todays technology, and many only came with a “25 year” warranty anyway.

Your opinion is to replace it. Document, inform, let the buyer decide. Service life is at end. Most insurance companies want at least 5 years. This one will not last that long, if at all. Weather conditions play a part in warranties. Roofs will last 25 in perfect weather, but perhaps only 15 in rough weather, or like mine did, only 6 due to hail damage. And my roof had a 50 year warranty.

As all replys have hinted, it is important to keep in mind the overall objective.

Also, Joshua, in my whole 122 days of professional exp in Port St. Lucie, FL I am wondering what you mean by ‘dimensional’ shingles! Learn the lingo.

That does not appear to be a Certain Teed Roofing product.

While laminated shingles have an extended life expectancy, shingles here in the NorthEast experience ambient temperature differentials from 10 - 95 degrees F.

This will shorten the life expectancy and cracking is to be expected.

Your mileage may vary…

Also known as “architectural” shingles…


also** Laminated Shingle**


I guess us Snow Birds know the lingo after all. :mrgreen::wink:

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Shingle crazing are hairline cracks. The laminated asphalt layering is drying and shrinkage has left cracking or crazing lines on the shingles surface.
The photos you provided shows different shingle styles. Laminated Dimensional shingles RIGHT first 2 are asphalt 3 tab.
To make recommendation a reinstall is premature.
Although worn in appearance, they may still last 10+ years of useful life span left…***
Report on condition only.***
Crazing is when the asphalt used to apply the last protection layer over the organic felt and asphalt layer for the mineral granules shrinks due to poor quality control.
I see no lifting, cup or curling condition.

No reason for alarm in the photo.
RECOMMEND: Licensed roofer evaluate the condition only.
Maintenance; Water and weather tight using a bitumen asphalt base plastic cement compound all open voids and insure all caulked areas have been made water and weather tight.
Caulk att tin and metal flashing.
Repair and replace any broken or missing shingles.
Reset and nails that have risen.

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