Where am I ?

I am starting a new thread similar to Mr. Nick Gromicko “I love getting e-mails like this” the only difference my posts will feature pics of landmarks, events, and some home inspection related pics. Take a guess!!

Let’s start with a simple image of a well known landmark.

Note: This image has a caption…other photos will not have a caption!!:wink:

The CN Tower](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CN_Tower), located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada,


That was an easy one just to get your brain cells working!

Like the idea Mario, but I’m not supposed to be in here. LOL;-)

Why NOT?
You are a NACHI member YES! Besides you are Canadian NO? I decided to use this section of the MB because most of this is not HI related and my fellow Canucks wouldn’t really mind! At least I hope they don’t!

Try this one.

Where am I ?

The center of the universe according to most Torontonians. lol

No that would be the ACC home of the Leafs. LOL


Toronto is a world class city brother and that makes it the center of the universe at least for me and 5 million others like me!

Funny Gerry!

You are in the Good Year blimp, looking at a baseball stadium!

CN Tower, of which we have our name in the top of…

That’s the Rogers Centre, Toronto … unfortunately in the baseball configuration - don’t you know that tomorrow is the Argos home opener? You should show it in the football configuration! (of course my Riders will win, but still…)

You are Correct Stewart! I will try and make it to the game at
Sat., July 11 Saskatchewan Roughriders @ 1:00

Where am I ???

Lets take a wild freaking guess, In the garage of one of the players.

Close, I am at Today’s inspection!
Check out the garage door opener mounted on the side of the garage. The garage door opened at 45 degrees to clear the Ferrari on the upper level of the hoist.

Alright, Getting ready for a night on the town but I will leave you with this pic taken last Sat. on Lake Ontario after a very long and fun day of boating and fishing.

Where am I ? And Lake Ontario will not do it. Be specific!! Hint, Between Cobourg, Ontario and Desoronto, Ontario

For a minute i thought you were in my garage so i went out to say hi. Then I realized none of that stuff was in my garage :frowning:

Well I’m flying out to the center of the universe on Wednesday. Want me to take some garbage back with me? lol Too bad ole’ Mel Lastman wasn’t around anymore. He wouldn’t put up with that crap. He’d fire em all and bring in the army!