Where are the Moderators?

Why is this p"ssing match allowed to continue here between JoeT and Paul?

What is this adding to the knowledge sharing that this board should be about?

What moderators?

Don’t complain too loud, there are some here that think non-members posting or accessing the board should be limited or not allowed. :cool:

Mind your own business!

Hey Tedesco, STFUYMT

And there you have it folks, yet another tactful and informative post!

[FONT=Verdana]When posting in a public forum some decorum is expected and yet somehow we no longer get what we expect but expect what we get.

I’m cleaning up my message board by adding Joe to the ignore feature.


Joe, With all due respect, it’s kind of hard for us to mind our own business when you guys post your business all over the board. Why don’t you two step outside and settle this once and for all, and leave us out of it?

Hey Mark,
“Due respect” kind of catchy! It would be best that all public and members only forums used a little “due respect”.
Unfortunately reputations for some HIs have diminished with the lack of respect for others and ultimately themselves. Integrity is a big part of our business and I would hope that many of the posts would be an embarrassment to those posting if their clients or families were watching.
For those with no integrity or feel that this message board is about voicing their opinions as fact NACHI has created the ignore feature. Some folks need an audience to feel important or relevant and this could be their only opportunity.

Same to you and the bitch!

Joe T.

Your true colors continue to be displayed for all to see.

How sad is that?

This is sad .

Mr. Tedesco…You are truly a class act…

Joe is one sick puppy.

I received a “red thing” with a sick and twisted sexual reference with some anti-semetic remarks (and I’m not even Jewish). Joe obviously didn’t know that Chris M. can trace back all the anonymous reddies.

One sick puppy. Don’t leave him alone with your kids.

Like I said …a class act !!!:roll:

Jim, unfortunately, it will be an Act without a class. :frowning: