Moderated board poll

Since the latested outbreak of foul mouthed comments and name calling on this board and Nick’s suggestion, I’ve set up the poll to find out if you want to control some of the stuff being posted here. You can vote for only one choice.

For the record. Here is Nick’s suggestion to Vern.

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Hey, Vern, you must be on Dial Up, this message was posted two hours ago and the Poll has not hit the east coast yet. It is now 9:00PM :smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

I say leave it, but enforce the rules we have now.

You must have read it as it was being posted. I’m on MST.

It’s here.

Thanks Vern

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I appreciate the direction you want to take on this Vern, but I don’t see any of the poll options as being a viable solution here. The first choice would be unreasonably restrictive and suggests that we ‘adults’ on here can’t monitor ourselves, and some of the past posts unfortunately support that suggestion. None of the other three choices, in my opinion, would have any effect on regulating what is posted but would remove some of the benefits of having a Canadian BB, such as ease in finding posts on Canadian only issues. I think the way to resolve this issue is what some have already suggested, and that is to have Nick enforce the rules set out already to regulate the site. If this stupidity is allowed to continue unrestricted then I can see many of the valuable members finding more productive things to do with their time where their attempts to contribute for the benefit of all of us isn’t subjected to irrelevent and counter-productive attacks on the BB. For these reasons, I won’t be able to vote on this poll.
Good Luck.


Leave it the way it is. Enforce the rules for ALL posters.

Exactly! Members, non-members, interested parties, vendors, anyone, everyone.

“The only way to moderate the board to keep foul mouthed ASHI members from posting would be to switch to the MISC forum system where all can read but only members can post.”

So the foul mouthed ESOP folks are secretly ASHI members first and ESOP members secondly…interesting…didn’t know that. Who’s been the worst and most foulmouthed on this board…definitely not the visitors you don’t like!!!

Moderating a board is like home inspection licensing. The whole idea behind it is to control “the other guy”. I notice the pollster hasn’t voted, yet.

I would like to know how shutting down the Canadian board will stop the offending posts. Aren’t non-members allowed to post on other BB’s too?

I think it may be prudent to have a couple canadian moderators that can and do have the power to remove or move unwanted posts and also be able to suspend the posting ability of an offensive poster for 24 hrs, this will automatically stop the BS of constant twaddeling on the board., It is my opinion that by having this ability it will give a breather and cool down time out which will stop and force the offending posters time to reflect before something is said or done that will cause unwarrented ramifacations.
maybe we need some moderators in a few sections that can be called upon to prevent or contain blowouts.

Start moderating and the board will look like TIJ


The Inspectors Journal, where every word is scrutinized, and if the head jerk decides it does not agree with his personal ideas, you get censored or thrown off the forum.
Mike O’handjob is a well known NACHI hater , and you should not give him your clicks.

No I disagree, have a moderator that if a post gets out of hand it can be defused for 24 hrs, this time out should be plenty to stop what we have going on now i think

Robert; you may be going to the extreme, were not talking dictatorship
moderation, a gentle sway in a posters privalige to hit submit being stopped for 24hrs, not the right to remove the poster just contain a problem from becoming something worse

So, who decides what stays and what goes. Who decides what is offensive?

I don not believe that Nick will EVER allow this message board to be moderated. When I volunteered to remove daily posts of a BANNED ex-member, I was turned down by the webmaster.

what i was suggesting was the ability to remove posting ability for a 24 hr cool down period.
this way is a cool down period for all posters that may be going off or going postal and heading down a path that has been started a few times and could have been stopped had the ability to remove the post privilige been executed.
some of what has happened may have been stopped. or atleast contained to a smaller scale.
not looking to make decisions on what stays or goes, just to have a few with the ability to contain problems and keep it to a minimum