Where are the professional builders?

Been doing a phased construction inspection on a new house. They started installing the windows, today.

Three East European guys had about 5 of the lower level windows in. But, they were not properly installed.

  • No caulking behind the nailing flanges
  • Not all the nails put in
  • Typar house wrap not taken over the top flange
  • No tape
  • No sill flashing
  • Not properly shimmed

The main guy, doing the work, said he was a mason, but he was the supervisor :shock:

Got out my handy-dandy portfolio of easy to access installation instructions (which is available on the internet) and did a little class. They took out the already installed windows and, after I went and got the proper materials (Poly caulk, sill flashing, flashing tape, shims, etc) we had a little class.

I installed one window, whoing them all the nexessary flashing details.

  • Install sill flashing.
  • Caulk behind the nailing flanges.
  • Shim the window, in the center of the opening. DO NOT shim the top.
  • Nail in all the holes of the nailing flanges.
  • Pull back and secure the housewrap above the window and tape that flange.
  • Tape the side flanges.
  • DO NOT tape the bottom flange
  • Cover the taped top flange with the housewrap flap and tape at the corners.

My point is that these guys are building houses in the Chocago area na ddo not have a clue as to how to do it properly, even when the instructions are easily available of the net.

Code inspectors? General Contractor? Proper training for sub-contractors?

Where are the safeguards for the consumer?

Well, at least these guys could understand what they did not know, and were smart enough to be willing to learn.

And, my client’s biggest comment is "Well, wasn’t the house already inspected by the city. Next time I am asked that I will just start laughing.

Hope this helps;






Hey Will Did you charge for the Class?
My standard comment for The city inspector already inspected. is SO WHAT?

All part of my fee from the client.

So, the home buyer is paying for “on the job” training for the builder and his subs.

What kind of world is it when the HIs have to teach the builder and his subs how to do their jobs properly?

BTW: Would you believe that the city REQUIRES “exterior grade drywall” for the sheathing? There is no such thing. Especially when it has been exposed to rain for the last 3 months.

Can you say “mold farm”?

The one I had on Saturday was a 3-flat flipped foreclosure, the builder got 3- heaters 125,000 ea and 40,000 BTU water heaters and stuffed it all in a 4’ X 8’ closet, with two 9" x 10" steel grills on the doors.
Went and got my Peoples gas construction guide and stared showing the error of his construction.
1- more that 150,000 BTU combustion air in a confined space for multi family most be from outside
2- steel grills are the wrong size ( if allowed)
3- heaters are short cycling (his answer was to drop out 1-2 burners)
after I showed him the air requirement he said he had no idea, I gave him my copy,
The client is getting all the heaters replaced

Found out an interesting fact:

In The City of Chicago, to become a Licensed Mechanical Engineering Contractor, you have to go downtown and do this:

  1. Pay $279.00
  2. Take a test: The test has two questions:[LIST=1]
  3. What is your name.
  4. Do you have any outstanding parking tickets.

[/LIST]I am thinking about doing this, just to have the paper. Then, when the idiot sub starts arguing with me, I can show him my “license” and ask to see his (they usually are not licensed).

G-d, I love this job!

Yous guys are real trouble!!:smiley:

Next thing you will be explaining things more often… Wadda do’in?:wink:

If I had 1 dollar for every “problem” I see I would be a bizillionaire…
Maybe that is how we should start charging… Tell the client their inspection if free if we find no problems… $1 for every “problem” I bet my fees would be higher then my current pricing… and I don’t mean make up problems…

Today’s special OSB underlayment with ceramic flooring directly on top…of… Thin set mortar… In a common area, metal stairwell “landing”… entry / exit…:roll:

They’re most likely talking about ‘Dens-Armor’. It’s guarranteed for exposure for up to 6 months.

I know what radio show you’ve been listening to on Sunday mornings. :slight_smile:


Here is part of the problem:

                                                                    **Chicago zoning inspector pleads guilty to taking bribes**

                                                                                                                        November  3, 2009 12:16 PM                                                                                    | [No Comments](http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/11/chicago-zoning-inspector-pleads-guilty-to-taking-bribes.html#comments)   	                                      
                                                                    A city zoning investigator snared in the Operation Crooked Code federal bribery probe pleaded guilty today and agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors while admitting to taking cash and gifts on more than 20 occasions.

William Wellhausen, 52, admitted he helped developers circumvent the city zoning code while sometimes working with an “expediter” who secretly worked for the government in the corruption investigation.

                                                                            Among the most lucrative arrangements Wellhausen made occurred in August 2007 when he falsified reports to show that a building in the 1600 block of West Granville Avenue had two pre-existing apartments in its basement, allowing its developers to make a bigger profit.

“For that I received an envelope of $8,000,” Wellhausen told U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow.

As part of his plea, Wellhausen agreed to testify at the trial next month of the couple who allegedly paid him that bribe, Dumitru and Lavinia Curescu.

Prosecutors have agreed to recommend that he receive a sentence of 15 months in prison and pay a fine of more than $33,000.

As part of the federal probe that has seen 13 inspectors charged, Wellhausen was captured in undercover recordings made by the expediter, Catherine Romasanta. In one conversation about the two extra basement apartments, he allegedly told Romasanta that one apartment was in the basement already, but “I’m completely fabricating two other ones.”

As part of the plea agreement, Wellhausen admitted there were a number of other occasions when he accepted bribes and gifts, including 10 times from real estate developer Beny Garneata, whose phones were tapped during the investigation and who also has pleaded guilty.

Wellhausen admitted he would accept cash payments and gifts–the price went up depending on how serious the violation was that he was supposed to overlook.

Wellhausen was employed with the city beginning in 1994. A clout list released during the 2006 trial of the mayor’s patronage chief, Robert Sorich, showed Wellhausen was sponsored by the 36th Ward Democrats for employment as early as 1990.

*–Jeff Coen

Good ol 36th ward, Bill Banks, He just retired before his term was up as alderman, his nephew runs Belmont bank where a lot if the developers got the loans, Na nothing wrong here, as I said when the lawyers say the city passed it, I say so what!!

Is he the one that had a special General looking uniform made when put in charge of the meter maids.?(many years ago)

He sure did a good job cleaning up the Brick Yard area.(Bet you loved the TIF)

His Driver has been appointed to replace him.

Are you sure that it wasn’t his driver’s brother’s neighbor’s second cousin’s son-in-law?

Da Brick Yard, if he did not tear it down the gangs would have owned it. the already ran Reese park at the time

Will, I had to laugh all the time I read your post. That was funny, I can just see you now instructing the builder how to install the windows.

It is unforturnate that all they had to do was read the manufacturers instructions that come with the window. :wink:

And Mr. Wicklander is correct in his statement.
Although this product is more common in the Commercial Sector, it is also used in the Residential market to a degree.
Here is a link to the Product, which by the way is good for 12 month exposure to the elements.

And to answer your question of the Title of this thread, I think they are still in New England. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

You got me there. WCPT. Sure, I listen, but just to scout out the opposition.

I would LOVE to have “Joe, the Builder” talk to Nick. I would pay good money to see that NACHI.TV episode!

Went back today. The “first team” was there, installing the rest of the windows.

Irish foreman (a good guy) and 5 mexicans (with very little English between them).

BUT :D. The Irish foreman (who I had met before) was installing the windows correctly! Go figure.

He made a point of thanking me and had some other questions. We talked for about an hour and I helped him install a BIG FREAKIN’ WINDOW (350 lbs). The Hispanic gentlemen were doing the prep work (sill flashing, man-handling the windows in, caulking the inside of the flanges and nailing the top corner of the flange to hold it there) and he was following behind to check the shimming, making sure every nail hole was nailed and doing the taping.

I have to tell you, I have never been so happy on a job site before. The 3 polish guys had actually explained the proceedure to him and had used the PDFs I provided. THEY WERE LEARNING! And, best of all, the actually THANKED me for teaching them.

Think I will chage my client an extra $500. :mrgreen:

Nice going Will, good job. Too bad not all the ones in this building trade that think can build, would have the chance to get taught right from the get go.