Today's New Travesty--)))

This house is 11 months old…I have never seen anything quit like it…The Kickout Flashing has gapping holes below each one (because they forgot to install any lath and stucco).

Here is the top of one Kickout…:twisted:

Here is the Bottom of the Kickout…:twisted:

Around every window and any other Pop-Out in the stucco they Forgot to install Lath…:twisted:

I can stick my fingers through areas where the stucco 1/16th of an inch is not laying on the ground or laying on roof tiles below the windows…:twisted:

This is only a portion of the things wrong with this 11 month old home I inspected this morning…the garage floor is sloped toward the house, the driveway concrete is higher than the garage floor, the sub-flooring is loose at the second floor, there are cracks in the stucco at numerous locations where I cannot see any lath at all (probably forgot it)…:twisted:

Dale, that is totally unbelievable.
And what kind of price tag this this carry?

Can’t the Builder of this house be crucified for a building 11 months old?

Warranty for the seller? Yes, No.

How in hell dose this pass inspection when it gets built.

If I did something like that around here as a builder I would be thrown out of the State.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

a little buble gum some duct tape, good as new… right? you know the saying putty and paint make it what it ain’t.

Can’t believe this on a home less than a year old.

It seems like anything that has to do with Stucco or EIFS is just simply bad. Not the product, but the installation or lack thereof. No lath, flashings, weep screeds…:twisted:

What is it going to take to get these Manufactures to mandate Certification for Contractors to go out and install their products?

Seems like something needs done, Certification, education, licenseing, what.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

This house is 1.5 miles from mine, I did not ask what he paid, but a guess would be around $750-850,000

I inspected it for the owner, his one year warranty inspection.

The builder has to warranty the Stucco for a year, but since this was not installed correctly in the first place he can by Arizona law sue the builder at any time up to 8 years after he closed escrow.

Yes Marcel, it’s the owners one year warranty…his wife was crying when I showed them the stucco, the entire little development was built by the same builder, and according to this owner, his house is the first of 55 homes in which the warranty is due next month…so I will have many more homes to inspect in this development very soon (I looked at the house next door, it has the same issues). This family said they would spread the word, I gave him a handful of business cards–)))

Blows my mind, I have no idea where the City of Scottsdale inspector was when they gave the go ahead to stucco it…:twisted:

These conditions are very, very common here…but this one is about the worst I have seen in a while in Scottsdale…except of course the other subdivision I’m inspecting in Phoenix where the builder is re-stucco-ing every house in the development…:smiley:

Crazy huh?..:shock: :twisted: :shock: :twisted:

I am more cautious about inspecting new homes, than old ones sometimes.
They enjoyed a lot of bong pipes and beer on this one, it appears.

I had one about a year ago where they forgot to install a heat source in a full bath.

It is always something Erol yes…for some reason they all seem to think installing any type of exterior finish system with cement stucco is like building a rocket ship…:twisted:

Some of the stucco contractors here have to be some of the dumbest bastards on earth…:twisted:

Frankly it is simply unbelievable…:shock: :shock:

TI cam would probably come in handy today “A” John…](*,)

I need to get one…:lol:

Once you use an IR camera, it will scare the hell out of you, when you realize
all the years you were blind.

I hear you there brother…I hear you…:shock:

This owner must of talked to the next door neighbor already…I just scheduled his inspection…:smiley:

Lets see, what is $429.00 X 55 homes…:lol: :lol:

It means a new IR camera… this week!!! :mrgreen:

The garage floor is sloped the wrong way and the driveway is higher than the garage floor (I added a little water to show the owner because I saw an existing water stain on the garage floor)…:smiley:

The wood trim at the bottom of each door has large gaps and is not sealed-finished-painted…:shock:

Holes like this all over the house…:twisted:

The natural gas valves cannot be turned off because they have the appliance connectors like banjo strings to close to the black iron pipe at both fireplaces…:shock:

I did not see the first hint of any mesh behind the EIFS finish in your pics. I seriously doubt if the installers have ever even heard of EIMA, let alone the standards. Unfortunately, I see pretty much the same thing here. I have actually only found one house where the installer knew what he was doing. The builder told me it was some new fella in town after I asked who did it. I told the builder not to lose his phone number. Was this a full EIFS exterior or a hybrid?

Hi Dale!

It is sad to see crap like this.

This is what happens when the Trades are paid “Piece work”. They could care less about the quality of the work. They (trades) are focused solely on the bottom line. IMO piece work takes the pride and the time needed away from trades to complete a particular job. You know the deal, this guarantees production for the builder. That’s why it’s the preferred method of payment for all trades.
I might add that sometimes (not always) the builder is scum as well. We don’t know if the trades are getting paid, cheated by the builder etc. It is no excuse by any means but that’s life my friend.
BTW It must be a universal thing with stucco guys!! They are a breed of their own. I have seen the same crap here.
I agree with Marcel,they should all be run out of the state!:smiley:

Hi Doug,

They usually install a vapor barrier against the exterior wall studs, staple styrofoam and chicken wire to the entire exterior, and slap on two coats of stucco which are supposed to be a minimum pf 3/8ths of an inch.

If I want to, I could push my finger through any portion of the exterior walls, I just pushed my fingers through the pop-outs which already had the stucco laying on the ground because there was no lath, they simply smeared a 1/16 of an inch over the styrofoam.

Nobody cares about anything Mario…!!!..:shock:

There is no such thing as a carpenter anymore, or at least I sure don’t know any…:shock:

The migrants are coming and going.
Lot’s of American money is flying south with Americans taking it in the south end.

IR is useless when there is not sufficient thermal loading and enough time for the sun to get off the surface being examined. I get extra for doing night scans.

Bear…in the last picture it looks like the weep flashing is doing it’s thing…:lol: