Where Can I find section 9 of The Canadian Building Code.

Good Day to you all;
Prior to my inspector training, (among other things) I am to read and understand section 9 of the Canadian Building Code. I realize that an inspector is not required to do code work, I believe that they just want you to have an understanding of it. However; I can’t find it anywhere without purchasing the whole code. Can anyone help me?


This is a joke right?
Stop wasting time searching for a FREE copy. We all made this purchase, and if you are serious about this profession…I suggest you purchase this invaluable document!

BTW it is PART 9 not SECTION 9. Part 9 references other parts of the building code book so without the entire book part 9 is pretty much useless.

Must’ve been a missprint in my manual, thanks for the info.

You should get a copy of the code for your province as each province adapts the code to their specific conditions. In Alberta the code is available from the Queens printer, NAIT or SAIT’s book store. The Nation Research Council also sells the Alberta code. My order form does not list other provinces but maybe thats because I live in Alberta. Hard copy or on CD. I have the CD version on my tablet in case I need to look something up when on site. You should also have the plumbing code and electrical code.
electrical code For residential is usually available from your local lumber yard, Rona, Home depot.

what manual was it?
and you would be wise to actually take the 2 part 9 courses, it will run you about a grand when it’s all said and done.
but as Mario says it is invaluable.

Please add your location to your profile. It’s for your benefit.

You can get it here: http://www.bccodes.ca/bccode_building.htm

Section 9 is very large. BCIT has a course devoted to section 9. Section 9 refers to many other appendixes and sections etc. I have been studying section 9 at BCIT for some time. Recommend the course its under $1000.00 including the BC Building code and it is cheaper to buy it from BCIT then the Queens printer.

BC Electrical code is available at the local Home Depot. I think its $10.00

Vern, Where did you get Plumbing code from?

Scott. All of the above comments are correct. Taking the course and even the exam is invaluable.

The Building code and exam study guides can be found here:

For those InterNachi members who want a soft copy of the guide for their computer or PDA to reference while inspecting I will post the link to a useful site on the inside board.


Thank-you all very much, all very useful help.

Scot,the building code can be be purchased at the government book store on
Bay St.in Toronto or wwworderline.com or call 1-888-361-0003

I totally agree with you Mario!..by the way; could you photocopy
your copy and send it to me, free?..NOT!..just kidding!

Be nice Harold…we all started somewhere…

**Get the CD version so you can put it on your tablet or laptop computer and search for info you want to check. As a registered owner you get updates “standata” alerting you to changes and corrections. The code is good for ten years. The last one was enacted on September 2006 for Alberta. You must get the code for your province as each province makes changes that fit their local conditions. **

One good source…

Here is another good source!:mrgreen:

Building Code Book

Thanks Mario for the confirmation!

Just messing with you Claude!! But you are correct, Orderline is the place to shop.