National codes course (Canada)

When I started in this business I had never heard of NACHI so I went to a CAHPI conference. Once there I was informed of the requirement to becoming a CAHPI member. They were to take the Carson Dunlop Home inspection course and part 9 of the National Building Code from the Alberta safety codes council. I fullfilled the first requirement and although it cost me $3300.00 I think it has made me a better inspector. My question is

  1. how many of you (Canadians) have taken the national Building codes course

  2. Is the Alberta saftey codes council the only group offering it

  3. Would you recomend the course.

I intend to take the course to enhance my understanding of this business even better then I do now but want your input on alturnitives (if there are any) that I might consider instead.
Aulden Reid

Perhaps not very many of you have taken the National codes course. I still don’t know if I should take it or not. I probabaly will but I appresiate any feedback anyone might have.

You may wish to post this in the Canadian Members Forum, you may get a quicker response to your questions.

Great idea post and I will answer.

Never took the Carson Dunlop course or Alberta codes course, wasn’t required but I had a pretty good background of code etc… from my previous job as a contractor/renovator. Also saved the 3000.00 too!

Glad I found NACHI before I heard about CAHPI…I have absolutely no use for that organization and their shenanigans.:shock: