Where did 110 come from?

Why do a lot of people say 110/220 when referring to residential wiring? Where did that idea come from?

Thomas Edison’s General Electric Company was distributing DC electricity at 110 volts in the United States. Then Nikola Tesla devised a system of three-phase AC electricity at 240 volts. Three-phase meant that three alternating currents slightly out of phase were combined in order to even out the great variations in voltage occurring in AC electricity. He had calculated that 60 cycles per second or 60Hz was the most effective frequency. Tesla later compromised to reduce the voltage to 120 volts for safety reasons.

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Thomas Edison was so against Tesla’s AC Voltage that he made a show of publicly electrocuting elephants to show it was so much more dangerous than dc voltage. It was cheaper to power the country with ac because of the need to increase wire size with dc over long distance.

It’s all a very interesting history.

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Thomas Edison was a scumbag with zero business ethics.


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Whats really interesting is that when one state sells power to another, some states won’t allow that power to cross their state line in AC form so it has to be converted to DC then cross the state line then converted back to AC. Texas is one such state.
If you have ever been in a converter plant, we are talking AC coming in then converted to DC then across a 8’ walkway (the state line) in DC and converted back to AC. :roll:

Yes it’s all very interesting.

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Fascinating History of AC Power Distribution

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