Where did this sand come from?

Inspected a 17 year old house with a poured foundation. There is insulation and plastic around the interior of the foundation. In one area, mostly under a front porch entrance, there is clumps of what i would describe as coarse sand behind the plastic. Of course I have not seen this before. Is this a by product of the foundation construction and no concern? Back fill? Or, is there something going on with the foundation behind the insulation/plastic causing this? Red arrow is areas with no sand and blue arrows indicate sand behind the plastic.

Anyone have any idea?

If it’s a 17 year old poured concrete foundation I can’t see the sand dusting off of that to that degree.
Any spalling of the concrete?
Could you see behind the insulation?
The old brick, stone foundations I see here it would be typical of course.

I could not get a very good look behind the insulation but what I did see didn’t show any problems. This was only at the foundation under a brick front porch bump in, that had if that makes any difference. Judging but the lack or responses, I think it’s much ado about nothing.

I suppose the obvious answer to your question would be… wait for it…
A beach?:slight_smile:


open pipe penetrations???

were there any bug parts mixed in ?

No. It wasn’t sawdust, it was coarse sand / dirt. I could probably fill a 5 gallon bucket with what I found.

Well without pulling the insulation it’s prolly going to stay a mystery then…no I would not have pulled the insulation…it’s not Your house…

Cat Litter … ??

Lets forget what it is AND say what problem is it causing??