Where is the Best Place in the U.S. to LIVE Semi Self Sufficient

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I am considering a Major life change. I am interested in finding places in the U.S. to live and work in for the rest of my life when I get the opportunity. I know it is not in SE Florida even though I live on an Ocean Access Island. It is just to hot for me here anymore and the cost of just about anything to do fun is way up there.

I am thinking the top of or a whole small mountain or big a-s hill somewhere.

Things I would like for the property and area.

2 sources of water. 1 a good well and hopefully a stream or river or lake with fish. I would prefer a stream or river that flows for power generating.

Average temp in low 70’s if possible in Summer but not totally frozen in Winter Kind of like NC Mountains from what I know about it from visiting.

Abundant wild game and forageable edibles on property if possible or nearby at worst.

Preferably backing up against or on the border of a huge huntable national park or state park or a WMA Wildlife Management Area etc…

Close enough to a city or town for work and modern conveniences 45 minute drive would be about the longest I would want to have to go to a grocery store, doctor, etc… when needed.

Farmable land.


Few Gun Right Infractions Gun Owner and Gun Owner rights friendly State.

Ability to purchase as much land as possible like described at best prices possible.

If you have any ideas or thoughts I would love to hear them. As of now I am hoping to stay in the U.S.

Mike … Honestly you should consider Southwest Virginia. The New River Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful. It would also be a good place to raise your daughter. E-mail me if you’re interested. You have my contact information. Either way, wishing you the very best Brother.

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I have some 5 acre lots in the Rocky Mountains in Gilpin County, CO I’d sell for $20K a piece. Beautiful properties.


Roy you sure know me. If it were not for my wife and daughter I would already be there. Once you have been there it stays with you forever calling you back.

Mike, Thanks it is in the running.

Nick, any of them have well and running natural water water perhaps with fish in them? Any huntable wild game on site? I am not sure if 5 acres would be enough but I am just starting this quest and thought process.

Folsom D block.
Free food and board, utilities paid for and a very active social life.

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Nice weather there as well.

Phoenix, AZ

Chicago has spaces under the viaducts at Lake shore drive with tents .Many people stop and give the tent people food so it is right near the lakefront and a great location.

Yes but are there plenty of dumpsters nearby to forage from? :stuck_out_tongue:

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So normally I say away from the small talk but I will give my 2 cents.

I was born in Flint, MI but grew up south of Flint in Fenton. I also lived in and around Sarasota, FL. Moved to north GA mountains in 1998. I’ve seen or experienced big cities to little tiny towns. Weather was too cold in MI and too warm in FL. MI is a sportsman’s paradise. FL has swamp parts were you can get lost easily but also has the beach life.

North GA has a perfect mix. Not too hot, not too cold. Occasional snow and ice. July/Aug 90’s + but nice weather. Now if you are into hiking, outdoors, hunting or scenery man its awesome here. Some world class trout streams. Gun friendly laws, tons of edible foods. Matter of fact just this morning I picked a bushel of wild blueberries from my back yard. I have blueberries and strawberries I’ve picked 2x already as well.

I’m in a subdivision right now, about 1 acre lot. Homes are fairly spread out, summer cant see my neighbors, winter you can. I’d like to have about 10-20 acres and build a custom home on the lake. Good luck finding that on lake lanier. I have a 2016 26ft boat in a lake community but I’d love to be right on the lake.

Anyways, North GA, South TN, NE AL, all that area is great. Plenty of construction work, real estate.

Happy Fathers Day Yall.

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