Where is the main power disconnect?

Did you check the meter box?


Probably next to the meter or in another panel located somewhere else.

Jeff’s got it. Split bus.


Split Bus? Ah, didn’t catch that at first.

I agree split bus panel. Meets the requirement for up to 6 service disconnecting means.


Robert where is the rule that it has to be six moves for the disconnect?

Take a look at 230.71 (A) for up to 6 disconnecting means.


230.71 Maximum Number of Disconnects.
(A) General. The service disconnecting means for each service
permitted by 230.2, or for each set of service-entrance
conductors permitted by 230.40, Exception No. 1, 3, 4, or 5,
shall consist of not more than six switches or sets of circuit
breakers, or a combination of not more than six switches and
sets of circuit breakers, mounted in a single enclosure, in a
group of separate enclosures, or in or on a switchboard or in
switchgear. There shall be not more than six sets of disconnects
per service grouped in any one location.
For the purpose of this section, disconnecting means installed
as part of listed equipment and used solely for the following
shall not be considered a service disconnecting means:
(1) Power monitoring equipment
(2) Surge-protective device(s)
(3) Control circuit of the ground-fault protection system
(4) Power-operable service disconnecting means


Wonder where he got his training.

Thank you sir

Who are you referring to?

the one asking the question

Could be in training. No intro about himself though.

Why would you do that? I thought this forum was meant to help each other out not to ridicule others. Two “experienced” inspectors didn’t recognize it as a split bus panel, but you only chose to call out the OP.


D.Moriconi, I dont think its very wise to not know who youre talking about. I’m a 50 year old Alaska Fisherman that would LOVE to see you face to face cuz I wanna show you how I can make you cry like a baby!! Where do you live??? I got my training from a home inspection school that let me believe I could start my own business after passing the course. At this point I would I wish that I wouldnt have spent all that money because it hasnt been worth it at all. Nothing but rejection. I have a family. This isn’t a joke!! So whats your number?? I got a LOT of ANGER to get rid of!!!

I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t been working out. Your situation is not unusual though. HI schools don’t usually do a good job with preparing new inspectors for the real World. InterNACHI has resources that will help you get off the starting line.

When I started in home inspection, I advertised in Homes for Sale magazines. 20+ years later, I still do not rely on real estate referrals so I think advertising was a good move for me.

I also do one-on-one coaching. If you want to call me, the initial consultation is no cost, no obligation.

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I shouldn’t have sent that message. I now know my question was a dumb question. Many frustrations and I might need some of your help and would appreciate it. Can you tell me though a little about this “forum signature”? The person at inter nachi doesn’t know what I’m talking about and I can’t find it. Thank you

Tap your icon in the Top Right corner, then tap little icon below (in the drop down window), then tap preferences (little gear), then tap Profile under Account.