Where To Begin-Home Inspection

I am a student beginning my four mock inspections to obtain my NACHI certification. I would appreciate any one able to take a few minutes to answer my questions about where to begin.
Other than the common inspector tools, what do experienced inspectors consider necessary tools to conduct inspections.?
What do you consider the best way for a beginner to start their report writing? Can I use the checklist provided by NACHI or am I better off purchasing the software write the report as I go on a tablet.
What is your opinion on the flow of the inspection process. Starting point, stopping point, ect.
Again, I greatly appreciate any information you experienced inspectors can provide for my transition to a certified NACHI inspector.
Thank you,

Lawrence Brown


You can save considerable time and gain a lot of knowledge by mentoring with another Inspector .
If no one close to you to go out with phone Inspectors 100 miles away .
I mentored many and charged $50.00
20 inspections $1,000;00 could be the best $1,000;00 you ever spent .
Want to talk send me your phone number . All the best … Roy

I agree with Roy on this one. Also start inspecting as many homes as you can. Friends, relatives… You need to find a style that works for you. Some write on site and some do it back at the office. I started off writing my reports and printing on site. I found I was taking forever in a home so I went to writing at the office and only taking pictures and notes at the inspection. Software is the only way to go. A check list is a thing of the past and if you want to play with the big boys you need to be at their level.
As for tools the list that Nick provided is a good start. As you go with other inspectors you will find they have things that you will want or need that are not their. Your basic tool kit will get you going. The rest can wait.
Good luck to you sir

Thought this is what Nick had put up as a link

I have been a certified building contractor in two (2) states for over twenty years and continue to learn. If you want to get organized for the report and sequence of a report check out reporthost.com
No initial costs for the first 15 reports… Practice away! They store everything (no cost) and provide a link that you send to your customer.
If you are learning your trade, be prepared and study appropriately.
There is no substitute for experience.

Good luck

where are you located?

Thank you for your responses and advice. Sounds like a mentor may be a great way to get my feet wet. If there is anyone in the Omaha, NE area, please let me know. If you have any additional info. or advice shoot me an e-mail. lbrowntx76@yahoo.com
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I usually will do a cursory walk around the exterior and take general photos. Checking the outside may clue me in on things to look for on the interior. Then to the exterior to start in the kitchen (test appliances) and radiate outwards from there. If there is a crawlspace I generally do that last, to ensure that if there are leaks, I have run plenty of water by doing the interior first.
Best wishes

John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
Hilton Head, SC