Where to get started with thermal imaging?

This is my first post on the message board. Looking for information on where to start with thermography. I have gained interest through taking part in some of the episodes on Nachi Tv. Appreciate any responses.

Orvil, there is a TON of info on this message board. If you hit message board there is a whole section dedicated to this subject. First and foremost, is there a need for this in your area? Is the area saturated with thermal infrared thermographers? What application do you intend to use it in? Do you realize it opens you up to a whole new liability?

Just read the threads, I see WAY to many guys buy these and then sell them a few months later and loose a few grand. Get a better grip on the cost, what you need it for, will it make a difference in your company, and do you want the extra liability? Just some food for thought.

Yes, please be careful. Finding water leaks you can’t see, overheated electrical you can’t test is a big liability!

If you stink at Home Inspection, you’ll likely stink at IR business as well (also selling Mary Kay is out)! You’ll be selling your new camera like all those other great businessmen…

If you treat it like a business (proper equipment, training and marketing) there is no reason you can’t do well.

97% of my business was IR in the past 90 days. HI has shut off around here. Always does this time of the year.

Skimp on the training and you will need to worry about liability.

Welcome, Orvil.

You might also want to check out the five IR-related informational articles on our site, starting with IR Cameras: An Overview for Inspectors.

Good luck!

Start with a free webinar provided by one of the world’s leading authorities in infrared thermography. Keep in mind what Russell said regarding inspectors getting into thermography and realizing it’s not what it was portrayed to be. Lots of people out there are making money (your money)on instant certification and great deals on cameras.

Here’s another option to check out… http://howtofindaleak.com/how-to-make-money-infrared-thermal-imaging-camera-business.html

InterNACHI’s Offical INFRARED CERTIFIED training class.
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That’s the cheapest training I’ve seen so far. Ive got a question Dean. Where did you gain the knowledge to write that book?

Nevermind Dean, I see someone already exposed your little secret.:wink:

Hi Linas,

The person who wrote that post took it all out of context. The message behind the ‘fear’ part refers to outlining the potential dangers to the client and showing proof of what other problems other companies have encountered as a result of not implementing a regular thermography program. Pretty simple.

Regardless of what you have to say about the book, there are over 100’s thermography companies in the USA using it with some excellent results (read the unedited testimonials).

Me, well my thermal imaging camera is operating 5 days a week and has been for a few years now. The methods I’ve outlined in the book to get customers are exactly what i’ve used to average 10 inspections (house inspections) per week. In additon, I now thermal image in 3 countries, on offshore oil rigs and have several publically listed companies on the books.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to be a 10yr veteran to write a book about how to get customers… I did 400 inspections in my first year from a stand still start, and that’s when I thought it might be a good idea to share with others how I did it. I also send updates and ideas to over 1100 thermographers worldwide on my database with new ideas to test. It’s all working really well.

No where do I profess to being an industry veteran, and you’ll also notice that I say at that link above that I don’t talk about theory in the book… that’s what all the courses are for.


Thank you to everyone for following up with my question. As I step into this new buisiness adventure, I keep telling myself to stay confident and educated and you can always make it work. The message board is very valuable and I am impressed with the membership involvement with each other.

Thanks everyone

'New here. I want to be able to inspect homes for non-professional purposes. I also want to try to use imaging for other reasons - such as to test cars. That is experimental. For home use, if water leaks can be detected under slabs in Florida and electrical loose connections, then I would be happy. I, like all, wish to spend the least amount. I need advice on this. If 3 - 6,000 is the budget. What unit do I buy?


We are working withControp Thermal Imaging Cameras. They are top-notch and competitively priced.