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I’ve been around the building trade my entire life and i would like to get involved in home inspections. I’ve seen many different training courses of all different prices and would like some advice on getting the most of my money. I live in northwest pa if that makes any difference and would like any info that could help get me started. I’ve seen home training courses to and wasn’t sure on how effective they would be.

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Welcome to the board. Other than recommending our free video library, I think the other members should give you their opinions. Can someone help our new fella? (Ooops there I go again, assuming you’re not a gal).


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First welcome to NACHI from another newbie. All I can tell you is what I did and why I did it. The first thing I did and it looks like you did as well is to join NACHI. I did this after checking out other national organizations and after talking to Nick on the phone and decided this was the right organization for me. It has already been worth the price of admission in regards to how much you learn from reading the message boards as well as other services NACHI offers. The message board would be the next thing. Go back and read all post on the entire message board. It takes some time but it’s well worth it. Set NACHI as your home page and whenever you get online check out new posts. Next thing I did was purchased a home study course. There are alot of companies out there offering these courses for a wide range of prices. I got the one from HE-School of Building at for $399. It’s a pretty good course and worth the money. As you know there are also schools that you can attend but cost alot more money (both in cost and time not working). I think it all depends on your finances as well as your knowledge and background. As Nick said, the NACHI Library is also a good place to start. I am on my 3rd video and unlike the videos I got with my course these are actual home inspections and not just pictures of defects. After I am done my course I plan to go on some ride alongs with other NACHI members. You must also get E&O insurance which you can get info on from the message board. There’s alot of other things involved such as starting a business (S Corp vs. LLC), websites, hardware, software, marketing material, tools, etc. Pretty much anything you want to know you can either find on here and if you don’t just ask and I’m sure it will be answered. Hopefully you will get other responses with other sugestions but the most important thing was to start here. Good luck.

Joe Wright

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i’m glad to here that a home course was worth while, i’ve kinda been leaning that way because i can’t afford to lose a weeks work and pay room and board on top of the training.

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I did three things to learn before I got started:

1. I found someone who took the ITA training class and was not longer in business. I bought all his training material (training tapes, manuals etc.) for a couple hundred bucks.

2. I called a few inspectors out of my area and went on about 10 ride along inspections. This was very good training and all it cost me was a few lunches.

3. I studied and passed the National Home Inspectors Exam (that was before NACHI offered an exam).

Also, learn as much as you can about marketing home inspection services. How will you get business? What will set you a part from the other inspectors? Learn from others on what they did to get business. Also do some financial planning. Don't expect the make a profit right away so plan how you will pay your living expenses while you are growing you business. Good luck to you.

Ron Kuntz (Ronk)

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i already passed the exam, and financially this is something i’m gonna start kinda slow doing it kind of along with my construction business to help get it started. Don’t get me wrong i will not offer my services to correct anything that is wrong because i feel that is a conflict of interests. On top of this there are virtually no inspectors that service the area that i am in so that could help some.