Where were you when the Saudis attacked us on 911?

I was on a home inspection in Philadelphia.

eating breakfast at a restaurant

Grand Cayman Islands.( I love that place)…Headed to Cozumel in a private plane. .
Was worried because they shut all US ports down at that time.
But, I made it back on time.

Still had my construction company and was upstairs getting ready to go to a job. The wife called upstairs and said a plane just hit the WTC. Didn’t think much of it since it’s happened before with light aircraft.

Came downstairs and when I saw the TV, I was frozen. Completely forgot about my job and my client completely forgot I was supposed to be there.

Remodeling a kitchen. Stopped because when I went outside to get something a passerby mentioned it. Put on the homeowners TV and watched a while. Cleaned up and went home to be with my family.

I was in Philly too. I was head of operations in Two Liberty Place.

The Saudis did not attack us it was a radical Saudi born bin Laden who was leading the terror group Al-Qaeda which carried out the attack. Osama bin Laden was basically without Saudi citizenship since 1994.

If I remember correctly 6 of the 8 were Saudi nationals…Huh?

I was on a home inspection in Lauderhill, FL.
Everyone gathered around the TV & watched.
I still condemned the roof.

I was remodeling a beachfront home on the shore of Lake Erie.

We were working on the outside and the homeowner’s son kept coming out, giving us updates about what was happening.

We heard a jet go screaming past, flying low. We never saw it, just heard it and could tell that it was getting on it.

Later that day I found out that Flight 93 made a U-turn in Cleveland and headed East. I’m guessing that is were this jet was headed but there was never any mention on the news or on any documentaries, as far as I’m aware, of a fighter jet being sent from anywhere West of Cleveland. I remember hearing about two F-16 'kamikaze" jets being sent from the D.C. area but that was it.

Never forget.

The title is incorrect and infers, whether intended or not, that the attack was carried out by all Saudis collectively and not the terror group Al-Qaeda specifically. Al-Qaeda is not comprised exclusively of Saudis nor do they necessarily represent all Saudis.

  • 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. ZERO where Afghan or Iraqi.
  • Bin Laden was a Saudi.
  • The attack was funded by Saudis (more than $400,000.00 in all).
  • The Saudi embassy funded a 911 dry run before the real attack.
  • Declassified 911 pages confirm ties to the Saudi ambassador.
  • Former Senator Bob Graham, who had access to all the classified information, in a sworn court document stated “I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia.”
  • Congress recently passed a law permitting families of the victims to sue Saudi Arabia: US Congress overrides Obama’s veto on 9/11 bill | News | Al Jazeera .
  • And families of the victims have in fact sued Saudi Arabia.

Sleeping before my mid shift at SeaTac airport. It was a mess when I got there since all flights were cancelled for a couple days.

Correct. And Nazis didn’t necessarily represent all Germans.

The lawsuit is allowing victims to sue the Saudi Kingdom A.K.A. the Saudi government/Ruling persons and not the entire Saudi people. The title of the post is unnecessarily inflammatory against all of the Saudi citizens whether it was intended that way or not. A more appropriate post title would have been the following.

***Where were you when Al-Qaeda attacked us on 9/11? ***

Using your logic, your suggested title text would disparage ALL members of Al-Qaeda including the U.S.-backed heroes who fought to expel the Red Army when it invaded the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, and who eventually formed Al-Qaeda. I agree with the U.S. decision to help those Al-Qaeda founders defend Afghanistan from foreign superpowers who send their armies to invade their nation. With the help of the U.S., they correctly kept killing the trespassers until they packed up their tanks and went back home. The system works. Beats simply boycotting the Olympics in protest because some border-disrespecting army invaded Afghanistan… although we boycotted the Olympics as well.

Anyway, do you really talk like that in real life? Do you say things like “The Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor… only certain military pilots working for Hirohito did.” That’s really how you talk?

I have a cool pic of that in my archives I took from an air liner taking off out of Philly.

If Al-Qaeda needs to be disparaged then disparage them for their current course of actions. However disparaging all Saudi citizens (if that was the intention) for the actions of a few (relative to their numbers) is counterproductive to maintaining any type of civility which unfortunately is seriously lacking today.

FYI it was the Japanese military that attacked Pearl Harbor and not the Japanese civilians.

Someone should have been screaming that to the guys flying the Enola Gay.

Just a thought provoking question … where do the people in Military uniform come from if not the Civilians?